Coming February 23, and it’s time to look for gifts for all your family and friends. For those who want to gift useful and stylish gift, we have made this selection.

1. Wireless charging Wireless Charger Fantasy

This wireless charging is QI standard, which allows to transmit energy to a distance of four inches without wires and is suitable for most smartphones. Complete with wireless charging Wireless Charger is QI Fantasy receiver for installation in smartphone-QI-wireless device and USB cable. To enjoy wireless charging Wireless Charger Fantasy →

2. Wireless headset i7s TWS
In its sound characteristics, if to judge according to the manufacturer, they are a complete analogue of the AirPods. Externally, this headset is almost the same from the headphones from Apple. Headphones are connected via Bluetooth 4.2 and work at a distance up to 10 meters from the device. A full charge is enough for 3 hours listening to music for 4-5 hours talktime and 100 hours in standby mode. A full charge takes 1-2 hours. Included with the headphones is a carrying case for charging and USB cable. Order wireless headset i7s TWS →

3. The fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 2
One of the most popular fitness bracelets. Has a monochrome OLED screen with a diagonal of 0.42 inches, the image on which it is visible even on a cloudless Sunny day. The watch strap is made of hypoallergenic silicone and the casing is protected from moisture and contaminants according to the standard IP67. Fitness bracelet connects to your device via Bluetooth 4.0 and notify about incoming call, SMS, email, calendar events, messages in Facebook and Twitter and also allows you to monitor sleep, calories and physical activity. Built-in battery is sufficient for 480 hours in standby mode. Full charging takes 3 hours. Order the fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 2 →

4. Purse Baellerry Classic

This purse is made of high quality genuine leather, resistant to scratches and scuffs, so that even after several years provided accurate wear accessory will not lose visual appeal. In the wallet there are compartments for your phone, documents, money, cards and other items that eliminates the need to carry a few different accessories. Simple design without unnecessary details makes this purse a suitable gift for a young man and accomplished men. To order a Classic purse Baellerry →

5. Wrist watch Breitling Navitimer

Of course, it’s a copy, but made qualitatively. Note that the original is worth more than 500 thousand rubles, and the copy is just 2 990. For this money you get not only the Breitling Navitimer, but also purses Baellerry Italia in two colors to choose as a gift. Order wrist watch Breitling Navitimer →

6. 3D LED-lamp “Star”

A great gift for the fan of Star Wars. The lamp has a fairly compact size (width — 260, height — 56, depth — 200 mm), made of plastic and acrylic and is able to glow with seven colors. The life of the lamps is 10 thousand hours. By the way, although this lamp has a flat shape, with notches creates the illusion of a volumetric object. Included with the lamp is the base, USB cable and AC adapter. Order 3D LED-lamp “Star” →

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