Soon they will be able to install iOS 12.

In recent years, iPhone users more often say that “jailbreak is not necessary.” Supposedly iOS is already there all functions, which can only dream of and the jailbreak completely in the past. In fact it is not. In anticipation of the release of the full iOS 12 told about six twico that really improve the iPhone. The Apple years asking about how to implement these functions, but no progress occurs.

1. Tweak settings “control room”

IPhone users regularly come into the “control Point” for the rapid implementation of a function. But Apple does not allow to set the “control Point”. Tweak BetterCCXI gives you the opportunity to “control” anything: add a new option to rearrange the icons, hide from those that cannot be removed, etc.

2. The tweak to the normal call screen

IPhone users over the years and almost in tears asking Apple to change the call screen. To make sure that he did not occupy the whole screen and did not interrupt the current task (for example, to do as on Android). The tweak CallBar X easy does it. Thanks to him, incoming calls appear as small strips at the top of the screen.

3. Disabling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth from the “control room”

IOS 11, Apple introduced a new “control Point”, which you cannot turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. When you click on the icon Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are not disabled completely, but temporarily suspended. It is very much not much like it. Easy tweak RealCC solves this problem by allowing you to disable wifi and Bluetooth from the “control room”.

4. The real blocker

In Safari on the iPhone and iPad, you can block ads with special apps from the App Store. But most of them work very badly. The tweak Untrusted Hosts Blocker safely blocks all ads not only in Safari but also in all other applications. Bonus you can put the tweak Youtube Tools to block all ads in YouTube, where it on your iPhone remove does not.

5. Normal menu volume

Jailbreak allows you to solve another problem that iPhone users complain over the years. We are talking about menu control the sound, which on the iPhone appears bigger square right in the center of the screen, blocking what is happening. Tweak Aerify makes the adjustment menu is compact, placing it at the top of the screen. By the way, Apple is so often asked to change, finally, this menu is that recently one of the queries answered Craig Federighi, head of iOS development. In response, he just laughed.

6. Dark theme

Night mode in iOS users crave for a long time. According to the latest data, it will appear in iOS 13, seems to have waited. But iPhone jailbreak night mode there the first year. And in execution it is truly beautiful. The screenshot below is an example of the tweak Eclipse 4.

And these are only a few examples. Shop tweaks Cydia are thousands of different extensions to increase the functionality and personalization of the iPhone and iPad. And with the release of jailbreak for iOS 12 will be much more. IOS 12 with the utility unc0ver will only be available for iOS 12.1.2 and older firmware.


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