Now for many the smartphone is one of the most important devices. It contains a large amount of personal data, it provides constant communication and access to news and various content that replaces the credit card, camera, player, etc., However such a variety of features and capabilities has a negative impact on battery life.

Active smartphone users are struggling with this problem by using external batteries or cases with built-in battery. However, many forget that to extend the battery life of a smartphone can be more simple ways.

It is worth noting that all the tips are fairly obvious. However, many forget about these simple possibilities, which can extend the battery life of the iPhone for a few tens of minutes, and sometimes hours.

Review your usage scenarios

The Board may seem a little strange, but when in the first place stands the autonomy, it makes sense to cancel some actions. For example, not to run games, not to shoot and not watch the video to reduce the time spent on social networks and messengers. Thus, it is possible to save a lot of percent of the battery.

To turn battery saving mode

Another simple tip, which should increase the autonomy of the iPhone – enable the power saving mode. You can do this in Settings – Battery. After activating this mode will disable the automatic download of content, the feature “Hey Siri”, some visual effects, etc.

To activate Dark mode

IPhone with OLED screens can also enable in iOS 13 the dark theme of the interface. As shown by tests, this will help in some scenarios, significantly extend the battery life of Apple mobile devices.

Disable wireless modules

Many users do not disconnect their devices as wireless modules, and a constant work Wi-Fi and Bluetooth takes a valuable interest battery. Disable the unnecessary modules in the control Centre.

Disable dynamic backgrounds and parallax effect

Dynamic Wallpaper appeared in iOS for quite some time. Many have tried to set them immediately after the appearance. But quite quickly it became clear that a static picture is not only convenient, but also less impact on the autonomy of the device.

About the same situation is with the parallax effect. It is designed to add home screens, and apps for more depth. However, the use of this option reduces the autonomy of the iPhone. Therefore, it is better to disable it. You can do this in Settings – accessibility – Reduce motion.

To activate the flight mode

To more radical ways to increase battery life of iPhone can be attributed to the activation of the flight mode. After that, the smartphone switches off the cellular module and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

In this “state” of the smartphone loses some of its functions. However, in some cases, when data access of the memory device is more important than communication, the flight mode can significantly increase the autonomy of the iPhone.


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