Hacker coolstar recently introduced tools for hacking iPhone Jailbreak Electra. In this regard, it is time to wonder why the need for a jailbreak in 2018, and whether it needs.

Jailbreak can improve existing applications

There are many modifications for jailbroken iPhone and iPad with which you can greatly expand the capabilities like built-in apps and third-party apps. For example, the utility Rocket for Instagram adds in the official client of the social network button of uploading photos and videos, which for some reason is not there, but about which users have been dreaming. Or to conceal their presence online in official WhatsApp client utility Watusi 2.

The jailbreak will allow you to completely change the design of iOS

A jailbroken iPhone, you can fully customize yourself, by changing virtually every element of the interface system. You can install any theme, add a fifth icon in the application grid on the desktop. You can also add a separate row of keys on the internal keyboard or just change the operator logo.

Ugly app icons can be replaced by more attractive, created by designers of the jailbreak community. We have previously published the perfect jailbroken iPhone with a completely redesigned interface and many additional features.

Jailbreak will help to close the access to certain applications using Face ID

All who allow the use of your smartphone or tablet to other people, I want to hide some photos or to hide some personal correspondence. Regular means iOS it can be done, but on a hacked device — easily. Utility BioProtect, for example, allows the user to choose which apps or albums you want to hide, and if someone tries to open them, the smartphone will prompt you to enter password.

On jailbroken devices you can install any apps

You can try to install an older version of a mail client or, for example, to load a modified version of Vkontakte with additional features. Also, you can easily find programs which are not available in Russian App Store. Well or download some paid app for free to try it before purchasing, because Apple has not added the ability to test the app in the app Store before purchase.

Jailbreak will help to save battery life iPhone X

Dark theme in iOS, perhaps one of the most commonly required functions, but Apple never added. Users of jailbroken devices, in turn, can upload the relevant topic now. This is especially useful on the tenth iPhone with its OLED display.

On jailbroken device you can install an file Manager

In iOS 11 Apple added the app “Files”. It had become a kind of analogue of the Finder, but were functionally pretty serious cut. In particular, it concerns the ability to connect to tablets and smartphones the Apple external drives. That is, even with all the desire to connect an ordinary USB flash drive will not work.

With the help of jailbreaking you can correct this misunderstanding and bring the functionality of a file Manager to the level of the computer.

Install jailbreak easy

Yes, now to hack your device harder than 3-4 years ago, but tools like Electra let you do this effortlessly. Our editors has previously published instructions for hacking the iPhone and iPad with iOS iOS 11.3.1 and 11.4.

After installing the jailbreak, all the utilities and programs for modifications to the system can be downloaded from the centralized analogue of App Store called Cydia. And soon will appear the Cydia counterpart with a more modern interface that will do the job with a hacked device even easier.


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