For macOS, there are many applications that help to facilitate the work. We found some simple tools that will be a nice addition for macOS.


With this application you can know the time anywhere in the world. If someone from the team lives in a different time zone, his avatar can be added to favorites. Next to it will display the local time of the employee.


This utility shows the activity time of the laptop. But the main idea is Aware is that the user in time was able to make a break in work.


In this app you can store notes and to-do lists. Agenda supports sync with iOS calendar, with iCloud, data is synchronized with the version of the Agenda for the iPhone.


macOS still works with Windows worse Windows. Spectacle corrects this deficiency. With it, you can configure shortcuts, which will be responsible for changing the size and location of the window.


This application appears when you select text. A pop-up window allows you to search on the Internet and the dictionary, and open the link in a browser. Our database Popclip over 50 teams. The application can be linked with Evernote, Todoist and Mail App.


Cheatsheet reveals keyboard shortcuts in all applications. To do this, hold the Command key ⌘, and a popup window will appear with all the teams.


This app is still in beta, but it works consistently. Numi useful in complex calculations and conversion of units.


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