According to the latest data, many Apple partners are preparing for a very high demand for the new Apple smartphones that the cupertinos have to submit in September. It is assumed that three new iPhone will help Apple set a new sales record.

According to some estimates, in 2018 the total iPhone shipments may reach 70-75 million units. If that happens, the company will be able to beat my record, set back in the days of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Experts believe that this year the greatest demand will use the most affordable of the three new products. We are talking about a device with a 6.1-inch LCD display, Face ID and c single main camera. It is expected that the smartphone will be outwardly similar to the iPhone X. But he should be out in new colors. The main advantage and a factor that will spur sales, will be the price. Network sources say that the purchase of the successor to the iPhone 8 will be for $ 700.

Chinese analysts believe that iPhone 9 will have approximately the same number of sales as on updated iPhone X and iPhone X Plus combined. Last but not least sales last two models will hinder the high cost. Recall that according to the latest projections of the base version of the new iPhone X should cost about $ 899 and iPhone X Plus – $ 999.


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