Ideas for gifts on February 23.

What to give the man on February 23? While many women are wondering about the answer, the Russian researchers found the correct answer among the men. Talked about 9 best gifts on February 23 for version men.

Shipping from Russia! Tools for machine

Price: 1259 rubles (30% discount).

Often women give men on February 23, various household tools. But men admit that this gift is rarely felt personal. Much more useful and masculine gift is a set of tools to “dig deeper” in the machine. One of these sets from DEKO 53 tools of chrome vanadium steel now you can grab discounts on the Tmall.

The style attributes of their favorite team

Price: 1138 rubles.

If a man is a sports fan, then the perfect gift on February 23 for him the paraphernalia of their favorite team. It may be anything ranging from t-shirts “Manchester United”, ending with a case for the smartphone in the colors of AC Milan. Different paraphernalia are very much on the same AliExpress and even there these are high quality flip flops in the colours of Barcelona, real Madrid and other teams.

Shipping from Russia! Table hockey

Price: 2799 rubles.

The dream of many men — hockey table, in which you can hack to death with friends. People may not even be a hockey fan, but as a child everyone has played the Board game, so the nostalgia is provided.

Shipping from Russia! Xbox One’s

Price: 23 990 rubles.

Men have what is called a matched set. One of the most coveted gift on February 23 — game console. Often called the two most popular consoles: the Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox One S. the Latter complete with three games sold on Tmall for “tasty” price.

Shipping from Russia! DENDY game console for nostalgia

Price: 1667 roubles.

If you spend a lot of money on a game console is not possible, then you should look to consoles easier. For example, the console DENDY, which will be glad any man in my childhood who conducted the clock for service in the “tank battle” or “counter”.

Shipping from Russia! Gadget for example, a smart watch Apple

Price: 24 990 rubles.

Also men want to on February 23, gadgets. The surveys indicated a variety of gadgets, but most often the choice falls on “smart” watches Apple Watch. It is understandable, as users of the iPhone in Russia a huge number, and Apple Watch are the perfect accessory for your smartphone.

Games for feast

Price: 1630 roubles (discount 14%).

One of the most unexpected requests of men of steel “adult” games. We are talking about alcoholic games for the company, one purpose of which is to entertain. On AliExpress you can buy one of the most original of these games — most alcoholic roulette.

Shipping from Russia! Quadcopter

Price: 3982 ruble (discount 51%).

In the last two years in men, a new request — quadcopter. Quadcopters are usually very expensive, but on AliExpress there are many high-quality models for the right price. Here this model is one of the best — it is large, fly almost 10 minutes on a single charge and most importantly — equipped with camera for shooting. If you are going to watch the other Quad, then be sure to carefully study the description and reviews — AliExpress frankly a lot of toy options.

The original socks, lots of socks

Price: from 106 rubles (discount 21%).

It is widely believed that to give socks to men on February 23 — it’s bad form. The same men disagree, but there is one clarification that’s what the polls say. If men want to receive socks as a gift, only the original and preferably in large numbers — clearly not one pair. On AliExpress a huge number of fancy socks, but these, with images of paintings by famous artists, the coolest.


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