A crazy theory. Tomorrow Apple can show pumped AR-Lisina Reddit is gaining popularity quite simple, but interesting theory. They say that Apple is developing lenses with augmented reality technology.

We all know that the company is working on some secret wearable gadget with augmented reality technology. There were rumors that it could be a helmet or glasses.

What if we know not all?

A Reddit user under the nickname ChrispySilva suggested that this may be a special lens support ARKit. And, they say, actually Apple showed us on the poster for the autumn event is not Theater. Steve jobs, and the hint of those lenses.

Recently just appeared information about the fact that kupertinovtsy purchased start-up Akonia Holographics involved in the development of lenses with augmented reality technology.

He’s got as many as 200 patents related to holographic systems and special materials.

The exact acquisition date is not called. But the company started in 2012. And in 6 years Apple could develop a working prototype or even a finished device to work with augmented reality technology.

On the other hand, Tim cook said that the company is working with the augmented reality glasses. Cunning?

What if Apple decided to revolutionize the world of technology augmented reality, as once shocked everyone with an iPhone 2G? How do you get this theory? Waiting for tomorrow’s AR lenses from kupertinovtsy?

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