A longtime fan of Apple’s Glenda Adams embroidered on the Hoop elements of classical operating systems.

Glenda works as a developer of iOS apps, and in his spare time engaged in embroidery. Her love for Apple has been manifested in the work of girls.

Adams said that for a long time did not know what she would like to embroider, and only years later came up with a great idea to turn the Mac OS into tangible objects.

“I was constantly embroidered rabbits and other animals. Then I realized that each of the embroidery elements is a pixel. The same which I used in their games. Then I decided to combine my hobby with a love for Apple”, – said Glenda.

She decided to start with the old operating system not only because of respect to that era, but due to the limited number of colors. To create original works she had to install the Mac OS on your iMac with 5K display.

Unfortunately, Glenda’s work is not for sale. Each embroidery takes a very long time, so Adams will not be able to set an adequate price tag or submit work with the rock. Nevertheless, in the future it can start to generate smaller copies of your work for sale in the online store Etsy.


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