At the end of last month at auction PR Auction unusual lot — floppy Macintosh System Tools Version 6.0. The drive was in good condition, but most importantly, it was the signature of Steve jobs. Today, the lot was sold for a record 84 115 dollars.

It is noteworthy that the starting price for the lot was $ 1,000. But very quickly she grew to 5,000 dollars. The auctioneers had hoped to get a floppy disk with the signature of Steve jobs 7 of $ 500. However, their estimate was far too low.

It is worth noting that co-founder of Apple is very reluctant to give out their autographs. For this reason all things with his signature are so expensive, and the demand for them is reduced. Many collectors are willing to pay for such things.

A floppy disk with the autograph of Steve jobs can be called one of the most expensive items associated with Apple. But its price pales in comparison to the amounts for which sold Apple computers I. In 2015, one of the first Apple computers were sold for 815 000$.


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