A few years ago, Doug field, has left Apple to go to Tesla. Tesla Motors former employee of Apple company took a simple, Vice-President of vehicle programs. However, recently it became known that the field has decided to go back to Apple.

Tesla Motors Doug field worked for about five years. In 2013, he decided to leave the post of Vice President of development Department of technical support for Mac work on new cars Tesla. At the same time until the Apple company field has long worked in the Segway, and before that was a product engineer at Ford.

It is difficult to say why Doug field have decided to go back to Apple. It is possible that the cupertinos have asked him to work on secret car project, rumors of which appeared online a few years ago.

It is noteworthy that in may this year, the field decided to take a long vacation. Sources Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal reported desire top Manager to retire on the background of problems with the production of the electric car Model 3. Free time field planned to use to spend time with family. However, as noted by John Gruber, shortly after the start of your holiday field decided not to return to Tesla.


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