The portal Reddit, Google search engine gives a picture of Donald trump on request “idiot”.

US President, Donald trump, acts as head of the country since January 20, 2017. Since then, in America, the debate continues between allies and opponents of the new head of state. It has been criticized by many, from bloggers and artists to politicians and even heads of state. This time to spoil the reputation of the leader of the United States was able users of the forum Reddit.

Success crowned the attempts of the forum to change search to Google manually so that when the person behind the monitor was introduced in the search box query “idiot”, he could from different angles to see none other than the current President of America.

To achieve this failed due to the fact that before the visit of the leader of the US to the UK users of the site began to post images of trump with the caption “Idiot”. It responded a lot of popular media, and Google has started to move the image up the page with the image search.

It is likely that representatives of Google in the near future will pay attention to this situation and the word idiot in a search engine cease to be associated with the head of the United States.


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