Israeli company NSO Group is engaged in hacking the iPhone and smartphones running Android. Recently, the company itself was the victim of a hacker who turned out to be her employee. The purpose of the burglary was the theft of intellectual property by the company for its subsequent sale in the Internet.

A burglar broke into a company which is engaged in hacking to steal burglary tool. 38-year-old programmer received the accusation from the attorney General of Israel. He was able to disable software that is responsible for the safety on his work computer in the NSO Group, and copy the tools for hacking the iPhone to external storage.

The attacker put the tools for hacking for sale on the darknet. The tools for hacking the iPhone he wanted to obtain $ 50 million. However, he wrote that is a hacker that broke into the NSO Group and received these tools.

One of the people with whom the programmer spoke on the darknet, told about it to the Ministry of justice of Israel. Very soon the programmer was detained, and intellectual property were seized and put under protection. Materials NSO Group did not have time to fall into the hands of third parties.

A former employee of the company has been accused of actions that could prejudice national security, as tools of breaking the NSO Group are used by the Israeli army.


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