A hacker has created a jailbreak for Apple WatchИзвестный tihmstar hacker working hacking watchOS. This was announced on his Twitter page.

It’s jelbrekTime! pic.twitter.com/zc99mS8EAV

— tihmstar (@tihmstar) August 4, 2018

Unlock and jailbreak got the name jelbrekT1m3. And, apparently, she is almost ready. Anyway, the developer says so.

However, it is unclear whether the released hacker-hacking software Apple Watch for everyone. Or he’s just bragging about his achievement.

And still it is not clear what version of watchOS created the program. Some commentators on Reddit think that it watchOS 4.1.

It is curious that this smartwatch from Apple have not published any of the jailbreak utility. But there were pictures of the working Cydia.


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