Looks can be deceiving.

On AliExpress, GearBest and other Chinese popular trading platforms the rapid popularity of the iPhone X for $100. We are talking about qualitatively allegedly tampered with the smartphone, which is “exact copy” iPhone X. More the smartphone study showed that the use of them is really dangerous.

Fake iPhone X for only $100 is of interest to buyers not only for its price. Fake really looks very much like a real iPhone X — met even the small details. The smartphone has a full-length display with the minimum of framework, cut along the sides of the upper frame (really, created programmatically), double vertical camera and similar to the original slightly rounded body with relevant dimensions.

The case design external similarity of tampering with this iPhone X ends. The smartphone runs a modified version of Android which is completely copied from iOS 11. Even brand iPhone gestures X was carefully transferred by Chinese craftsmen.

Why, then, the smartphone can not buy? It’s not shocking build quality and terrible camera, the dynamics and microphone. Using a smartphone is dangerous due to the fact that its operating system is literally stuffed with malicious applications and baccarani. Experts examine the firmware and to my surprise found that each app on a smartphone is a Trojan.

Application trace all user activity and intercept all data sent. A special focus of these applications on the credit cards. They are determined by a special parser, instantly sending information to the creators of the firmware.

In this regard, experts urge users to give up even the idea of buying a fake iPhone in the Chinese stores. The smartphone is not just do not appreciate quality work, but will steal your money.

Source: MB.


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