Moscow, 14 Feb — “News. Economy” In a new book about the company’s acquisition of startup Oculus Facebook published email of Mark Zuckerberg, detailing his master plan concerning the development of augmented and virtual reality (VR and AR). The letter said about a possible acquisition of Facebook startup Unity, which creates the game engine. However, the deal did not take place. Zuckerberg also recognizes that the weakest point of Facebook is innovation.

Book by Blake Harris ‘ “History of the Future” (“The History of the Future”) tells the story of “the incredible true story of Oculus”, a startup developing solutions in the field of virtual reality (VR), which Facebook purchased in 2014 for $3 billion

An email from June 2015 was sent to Zuckerberg by the then Director-General of Oculus Brendan Iribe, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and six other top managers of Facebook. It details the purchase plan, the developer of the game engine Unity deal, which ultimately never took place.

Although the workbook is excerpted from an email Harris sent to the editors of TechCrunch the mail itself.

It is noteworthy that Zuckerberg believes that the biggest weakness of Facebook in comparison with companies such as Apple and Google are innovation. “Innovative brand comes from the creation of tangible new products,” writes Zuckerberg in the email. 2015, Facebook has released the headset Oculus VR, a system for video chat Portal and created an enterprise engaged in designing drones to deliver Internet to the far corners of the globe. However, with regard to the last point, in the past year, Facebook announced that it will cease development of its own aircraft.

Instead of creating the drone Facebook can now concentrate on the development of instrumentation designed for Internet distribution and cooperate with aircraft companies, e.g. Airbus. Abandoning the development of the drone, Facebook will have improved radio relay transmitter — it will be used on high-altitude aircraft, which will be able to broadcast a signal to ground stations, and they, in turn, will transmit a signal to consumers; the company plans to expand the available range of radio — relay data exchange, it will submit a corresponding application in the current year.

Zuckerberg wrote in his email in 2015, Facebook needs to be at the forefront of the industry VR/AR to quickly dominate before your competitors do.

“Our goal is not only to win the race, but also to accelerate the advent of virtual and augmented reality”, — he wrote.

Zuckerberg also noted that the acquisition of Unity would give Facebook some influence on the platform for large applications. The head of the social network writes that Android, Windows and iOS will require partnership with Facebook and will be forced to provide meaningful support in the framework of ecosystems.

In October last year, Facebook confirmed that it is developing augmented reality glasses — a new product, which eventually join to devices for video telephony Portal hardware range of the company. At the moment, not knowing any of the specs points early to talk about competition with Magic Leap, Microsoft and Meta, provided that the latter do remain on the market. Meanwhile, the nerves of all of them tickles Apple, which bought more than a dozen industry companies and clearly intends to recoup the investment sales of own products and patents.

According to sources, Business Insider, the reorganization has affected hundreds of people. The most interesting question remains what glasses will look like Facebook: a business gadget in the style of Google Glass, on these small points of style cancelled Intel Vaunt or chock full of advanced electronics computer as ML1 and HoloLens. As soon as we see the form factor, will become clear and possible.

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