In the past the owners of Apple mobile devices are not just faced with different sequences of symbols that caused the entire device. Every time Apple has fixed such bugs. However, users continue to find them. For example, recently has been found new combination. However, this time with her help no longer will “break” the iPhone of another person, by sending it a set of characters using instant messenger.

According to reports, the new “dangerous” combinations there are no unusual symbols. Now iOS is literally “afraid” of several hyphens. To iPhone or iPad crashed and rebooted, it is necessary in any text input field, for example, Spotlight search, voice to dictate “hyphen” five times.

Empirically, users have found that this combination works in any language. In this case affected only devices running iOS 12. Currently it is unclear what exactly the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system appeared this bug. But it is certainly present in all iOS starting with iOS 12.1 and higher.

Yes, really plays on XS Max stable

— Sergey Demidov (@sdemidov) February 12, 2019.

Apple representatives had no immediate comment on the situation, but it is not excluded that in the near future, the cupertinos will release a small update that should resolve this error. It is possible that the update will be fixed and other defects, which opened in iOS 12.1.4.


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