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This week music streaming service Spotify has complained that Apple unfairly restricts competitors to promote Apple Music. The complaint was sent to the European Commission, has attracted the attention of Apple. Apple has stated quite unexpected official response to the complaint, which was published on the website of the company.

How it all began

Spotify has accused Apple of “unfair play”. The most popular streaming service in the world has collected all the cases where Apple or otherwise limit the promotion of Spotify in the App store. Such cases have accumulated a lot. In Spotify reminded of how Apple:

  • blocked the release of the Spotify app for the Apple Watch;
  • threatened to remove Spotify from your app store;
  • banned Siri to launch Spotify voice command;
  • limit the updates to Spotify for proposals to purchase a subscription to the service without a fee Apple;
  • banned Spotify to recommend podcasts in the app.

Spotify also remember how Apple broke the rules of its app store, when sent iPhone users a push notification with an offer to subscribe to Apple Music. All these reasons was the direction of a formal complaint to the European Commission.

As a response to Apple

Apple is so serious and sensational charges definitely hurt. Today Apple posted a special page on its official website, which explained the situation from his point of view.

Apple said that Spotify is “trying to leverage the ecosystem of App Store, including to obtain significant income without making a contribution”. According to representatives of Apple, “Spotify wants to get all the benefits of the free apps not being free.”

Apple also said that Spotify is not so “white and fluffy”, which tries to pass itself in this conflict. Apple said that earlier Spotify openly opposed the fee increase musicians with the aim of maintaining profits. “They are spreading the music you love by offering less money to songwriters and musicians. It comes even before that Spotify delivers on musicians in the court,” — said in a statement Apple.

It is noteworthy that Apple, on the contrary, in favor of raising the incomes of musicians, but this statement is not mentioned. Because of this position, the company previously supported many musicians, including conflict with Spotify.

Currently, Spotify has not commented on the response to Apple.

Source: Apple.


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