December 6, the Apple Watch received the update, which taught watch to do an ECG (electrocardiogram). Many were skeptical of such functions in the consumer device, and even the company itself says that the Apple Watch should not be used for medical purposes. However, recently the clock has helped the owner to set a dangerous diagnosis.

When a resident of Virginia (USA) ed Dental updated its Apple Watch, the first thing he decided to check the function of the ECG. After the treatment, watch out that he had a possible arrhythmia.

The owner had not given it any thought, attribute it to a bug. But when the situation is repeated, try to give the function my wife — she watch found no abnormalities. After this, ed immediately went to a cardiologist who confirmed the diagnosis.

Arrhythmia is abnormal heart rhythm that can lead to a heart attack. Many people are unaware of their diagnosis until, until there will be serious consequences. A new feature Apple is able to warn the user, but does not replace a full medical examination. Therefore, in such cases it is necessary to go to a cardiologist, rather than relying on “magic Apple”.

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