Sources say that now the experts are actively working on the Apple platform A13, which will form the basis of a new Apple mobile devices. In particular, it can build iPhone 2019 model year, as well as an updated iPhone SE.

It is expected that the new chip will be more powerful than Apple A12X. In Gekbench his numbers will fluctuate in the range of 5200 to toydemon test and 16,000 in the multi-core test. If this information is confirmed, Apple’s new chip its performance should be around 9820 Exynos or Snapdragon 855.

However, sources say that in terms of graphics, the new chip will not be able to show anything radically new. This significantly would increase the performance of the Neural Engine, used to accelerate applications of AI. Thus, the device with the new chips should be noticeably faster to do photo, video, also they should work better AR applications.

As mentioned above, Apple A13 will be used primarily in Apple smartphones. However, for a new generation iPad Pro cupertinos release an improved version of this platform with the index “X”, which will differ even higher performance.


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