The capital has installed nearly 180 terminal to buy tickets, informs a portal of the mayor and government of Moscow. They are near metro stations, universities and shopping centers, and bus stops.

Until the end of the year there will be about 70 of these machines. A list of addresses where to install them, now considering. Thanks to them, to buy the ticket at any time of the day.

With the help of machines can be top-up card “Troika”, the card of a Muscovite for the student, the student, resident and graduate student. You can also purchase tickets “United” on one or two trips to check the balance of travel.

The machines accept both cash and credit cards. To pay for bus passes and contactless banking cards, which supports PayPass and PayWave, and smartphones with the function of Android Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. Interface narabotan including English.

Earlier the Ministry of transport issued an order allowing the use of the card “Troika” during the journey to Moscow Central diameters. The document allows to use for fare payment on commuter trains, including the IDC, city tickets, Bank card, gadgets with NFC technology, electronic ticketing and QR code.

The passenger must validate the ticket at the beginning and end of the trip. This feature will be available in stations without turnstiles. This practice is convenient for transport systems with a zonal fare when the fare is automatically generated depending on the distance of the trip. Metro and ICC changes will not affect the zonal fares there will not enter.

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