The expert Council on advertising at FAS, the city of Omsk recognized offensive banner of one of the dealerships that service cars of Korean brands. In a press-service of the Ministry explained that it was unacceptable from the point of view of morality is the use of the message of the image of the dog.

Advertising urging to use the services of technical services, was accompanied by the assertion that the maintenance of Korean cars local experts “the dog ate”. In addition, the banner was a picture of a scared dog. It seemed Omsk animal rights activists is unacceptable.

Omsk UFAS has declared that has no claims to the use of the phrase “the dog ate”, but using the image of a dog finds offensive to animal lovers, according to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

Earlier wrote that Apple has posted a new video on our group calls to FaceTime. As users, the authors used several impersonators of Elvis Presley. Fans of the king of rock-n-roll, being in different parts of the world together to sing a song There’s Always Me with the new FaceTime function. In the video it is stressed that the technology recognizes the most active participants of the call (in this case singing) and displays them in the image foreground.

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