Less than a month Apple is expected to introduce its new operating system. However, online sources are ready to talk about all the major innovations of the new OSes. So, according to the publication Bloomberg, the key feature of macOS 10.15 will be the ability to launch apps from the iPad.

It is worth noting that while we are not talking about the full launch apps from iOS to Mac. The authors of the Bloomberg report about a certain tool that will allow developers to quickly port their iPad apps on macOS, not radically rewriting the program code.

In the past, information about such a feature has already appeared in the network. However, Bloomberg spoke about other features of macOS 10.15. According to the authors resource in the new Apple desktop operating system will be several apps: Reminders, Find my iPhone and Podcasts. Along with this, the cupertinos have to radically recycle Apple Music and add some effects and stickers in Messages.


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