Over the past couple of months several major mobile manufacturers have announced their plans to release a foldable smartphones. Apparently, further than anyone in question has moved Samsung. However, according to the latest patents Apple is working on a similar project is underway in Cupertino.

According to Patently Apple, some time ago cupertinos patented a small foldable device, which by its dimensions is reminiscent of the iPhone. The main feature of the gadget should be able to fold it in different directions.

The patent also describes a special polymer coating which should improve the wear resistance of the matrix device to various mechanical impacts. In particular, to bending and twisting.

It should be noted that this is not the first Apple patent that describes a mobile device having a non-standard form factor. However, for a fully flexible gadget cupertinos have to solve a lot of problems. For example, to create a flexible charge the battery.


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