Recently, Samsung revealed its most innovative smartphone. Novelty called Galaxy Fold stands out on several parameters. But most importantly, she is equipped with a large 7.3 inch folding screen. Have to judge on a patent portfolio to Apple, cupertinos also think about creating your own flexible smartphone.

In one of the latest patents, Apple describes a mobile device with a screen which can be folded in half. Moreover, through the use of special hinge and advanced production technology, matrix devices will not be deformed at the bending place.

Also, the patent States that in the future the technology of the screen and the special hinge can be used not only in Apple smartphones, but in tablets, laptops, and even some accessories.

It is worth noting that Apple is not the first patent different joints and advanced display modules which can be used in flexible mobile devices. However, while the cupertinos did not dare to create such a gadget. The competitors believe that Apple is able to create a flexible smartphone or tablet. In the past, it was stated by one of the top managers of the company Samsung.


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