Apple again shows off the benefits of iPadТолько yesterday Apple released a new advertisement for the Face ID feature in the iPhone X, as 24 hours later decided to show the advantages of your iPad.
On the official YouTube channel of Apple India, there are three 15-second short demonstration of the capabilities of the tablet. One is originally from Singapore.
iPad — Paperless Paperwork: the video shows that the iPad is able to get rid of red tape and tedious process of sorting papers.

iPad — Travel Simply iPad is without exaggeration the best computer while traveling. With a bulky laptop is not to compare.

iPad — Organised Notes: manage your notes with a tablet is much more convenient than carrying a stack of paper. You can not argue.

iPad ± All Your Stuff: try to put your favorite books in a travel bag is a bad idea. The place where the slim tablet is much easier.

Fantasy Apple marketers are endless. Do not forget to specify that the stylus will have to buy separately.


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