Law firm Hagens Berman announced that on 18 November in Northern California, a lawsuit was filed against Apple. The lawsuit alleges that iMacs and MacBooks were equipped with filters for the air vents.

Because of this, Apple computers has attracted a lot of dust, which in turn has led to slower speed devices due to the accumulation of dust inside the case, computers could not effectively cooled, which leads to lower CPU frequency.

In addition, victims complain of dust spots under the glass display. Repairs cost the owners of defective computers in more than $500.

Steve Berman, managing partner and co-founder of Hagens Berman said that Apple users trust for reliable and quality products. But the Corporation has not been able to fix one of the most simple, and known issues in the technology community — the accumulation of dust. And repair of the defect filter costs the owners of iMacs and MacBook in hundreds of dollars. Apple disclaims liability.

For owners of the ill-fated iMacs and MacBook in a lawsuit provides monetary compensation for repairs and compensation of the cost of production, which does not match the advertising of the manufacturer.

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