The first AirPods became a real hit. The demand for these headphones remained high even two years after the announcement. However, 2 AirPods are sold not so well. To such conclusion employees of the research company Counterpoint Reseach.

According to experts, in the first quarter of 2019, the share of wireless headphones and accessories in the global market has greatly increased. The greatest demand is similar to the device used in North America and Europe. However, the overall market growth of Apple’s market share has remained at about the same level.

Counterpoint Reseach analysts note that the release of the updated Apple wireless headphones virtually no impact on the situation. Rather the opposite — AirPods first generation sold better updated headphones, thanks to the sales and profitable stock.

However to speak about the complete failure and loss of market yet. In number of units sold of Apple earbuds is much ahead of all competitors. However, experts not undertake to predict, how much more of cupertinos will be able to hold the lead. Every year the competition becomes more intense.


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