Scientists fear.

More than 200 scientists from 40 countries signed a petition to the UN and the world health organization on the need to strengthen control over wireless gadgets. Scientists fear that wireless devices can be dangerous to people and even lead to serious diseases, including cancer. Many researchers particularly drew attention to the Apple AirPods, which are currently the most popular wireless headset in the world.

According to the text of the petition, scientists fear for the negative impact of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields (EMFs) generated by wireless devices. According to them, prolonged exposure to EMFs on humans can lead to very serious diseases, including cancer.

In its comments to the petition, many scientists separately, said wireless AirPods headphones because of their great popularity around the world. Experts said that the AirPods have a negative impact on tissue in the ear canals of the user. The tissues are subjected to a powerful RF exposure because of the specifics of the headphones in my ears.

It is important to note that scientists do not call to ban wireless devices. They want to control from the leading specialists became closer. In this case, it will determine how dangerous wireless gadgets and, if necessary, introduce new standards for manufacturers.

Source: Medium.


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