New wireless Apple earphones that will definitely be a hit!

In 2018 Apple will be more new devices than previously thought. Respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo issued a new note to investors in which he stated that before the end of the year Apple will introduce a new AirPods wireless headphones 2.

Kuo did not disclose details about the characteristics of AirPods 2. He only said that their announcement is really expected until the end of 2018. It is not excluded that Apple will unveil the headphones at the presentation on September 12.

Previously, various analysts have argued that in 2018 will not release a fully updated AirPods. It was assumed that Apple will introduce a slightly improved model of the original headphones, which will support wireless charging and the command “Hey Siri.” The output of the AirPods 2 projected for 2019.

But, apparently, before Apple’s plans were interpreted correctly. Ming-Chi Kuo is the most famous analyst in the world of Apple. He many times gave accurate predictions in regard to new devices and almost never wrong. will conduct live broadcast from the presentation of Apple on September 12. Be sure to join us as becomes clear, we are waiting for a lot of surprises.

Source: MR.


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