Apple refused to produce wireless charging AirPower. According to TechCrunch, this was done because the charging pad, according to the Corporation, could not reach the high standards of Apple. Because it was canceled.

The announcement took place in 2017, but then the device faced the problem of overheating, and therefore has not been submitted. In June 2018, the production was again postponed due to technical problems. It was expected that the novelty will work with three types of devices (iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods), and also receive a number of sensors.

It was assumed that the smartphone and other devices can be placed on AirPower as anything — the system should adapt automatically. However, this remained an unrealized dream.

Note that in September 2017, Apple introduced the iPhone 8 and iPhone X with wireless charging. There is said that it is better to use third-party charging system manufacturers Mophie and Belkin.

Recall that the experts iFixit dismantled 2 AirPods wireless headphones and came to the conclusion that they are not repairable.

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