Today, one Twitter user found on the Australian Apple website, the image of the wireless charging station AirPower. In other regional versions of Apple website the picture could not be found. However, considering the large amount of new information regarding AirPower, we can assume that Apple will sell a charging station in the near future.

Recall that kupertinovtsy provided AirPower for more than a year ago. However, the device never went on sale. According to sources, in the final stage of work on the charging station Apple engineers are faced with some critical challenges. One of the most serious was the problem with the overheating. Now, however, all issues were eliminated and, according to The Wall Street Journal, mass production of AirPower was launched at the beginning of this year.

Interestingly, for problems with the charging station Apple engineers could change the appearance of the accessory. Previously reported network sources. However, the best proof we can assume the last image.

Unlike the pictures that were on the Apple website at the time of the announcement of AirPower, the last image you can see how the charging of the plane lies in only two devices – a case study from the AirPods and iPhone Xs Max. Many saw this as a hint that now AiPower will be able to charge two gadget instead of three.


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