“AlfaStrakhovanie-Life” has launched two new investment programs of life insurance. Now clients have access to the strategy of “Technology” with unique index Solactive Alfa Life Technology VT Index and the program fixed income and intermediate payments based on the investment strategy of “Key sectors”.

As reported by “Uralinformbjuro” the press service of the Company, in the framework of the strategy of investment of life insurance “Key sectors” of the payments can be made every six months. However, this requires that each of the five included in the investment portfolio of shares for the period has met certain targets, and has not dropped below a predetermined level. In this case, the client receives 6% of the amount invested and can earn 12% per annum. If at least one of the securities did not meet the conditions, the intermediate income is not payable. However, he is remembered, and when the strategy the necessary conditions in the future, the customer will receive a profit over all previous periods.

In the investment portfolio of “Key industries” became leaders like Samsung, JPMorgan, Boeing, Royal Dutch Shell and Google. The program is issued for five years. At the end of the contract protected the part of the premium that goes to bonds and deposits, allows a guaranteed refund clients 100% of the investment.

The strategy of “Technology” with an index of Solactive Alfa Life Technology VT Index as transparent as possible for users. “AlfaStrakhovanie-Life” was selected for the stock index of nine tech companies with the highest growth potential: Google, NVIDIA, Samsung Electronics, Apple, Baidu, Booking Holdings, Facebook, Intel and Microsoft. Their share in the basket is changed to prevent the fall of the overall index.

“I am confident that the new products will be appreciated by customers, because they are based on the most important for the insured factors: a guaranteed return on investment and good prospects for their enhancement. Program fixed income and intermediate payments based on the strategy of “Key industry” gives you the opportunity to receive income every six months, the principles of calculation are simple and understandable for customers. The same can be said about the transparency of the strategy of “Technology,” which, in our opinion, will occupy a worthy place among the products of the company. A unique index for it was developed by the German company Solactive, the portfolio of which is already over 3 thousand products,” said Director of savings and investment insurance, Deputy General Director of “Alfa insurance-Life” Alexander Denisov.

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