And again a great offer from Aliexpress.

Chinese online AliExpress store has announced the launch of a powerful new sales “Week brands”. As part of the sale at the site will be made discounts up to 50% on a huge number of products, including armored vehicles. In addition to discounts in honor of the promotion AliExpress will be handing out coupons that will help to get extra discount.

AliExpress has announced another major sale “the week of the brands” on the home page. The sale will take place in three stages. In the first phase from 20th to 27th of August, customers will have the opportunity to get a discount pre-by pre-order the interesting goods.

From 27 August to 30 August will begin the actual sale. Many of the goods will be installed significantly reduced prices. As stated on the promotion page, the maximum discount will be 50%. Apparently, we are talking about “good” discounts. By the way, on how to determine phony discounts and other valuable secrets AliExpress you can find in this article.

The third stage will be held on August 30. On this day, AliExpress will make new discounts on all the products that are on sale. Will there be discounts on the last day the original is not specified.

Source: AliExpress.


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