Important information for those who want to grab huge discounts.

November 11 — world day of shopping, in which around the world traditionally held a large sale. Previously, AliExpress already announced its Grand sale, timed to coincide with the beautiful date, 11.11, and today explained the details that are important to know for all shoppers.

Massive sale AliExpress will take place in several stages. The first three stages are preparatory. Initially, from October 20, AliExpress has opened up the possibility of making pre-orders on many goods presented on the site. For making pre-orders, AliExpress will first give a discount of up to 15%.

In the second stage, AliExpress will open the “Country of games” is a special web page on the website where you can play various simple games and get discount coupons. The opening of “land of games” will take place 28 October at 16:00 Moscow time. Anyone who wants to recruit the best of the coupons in large quantity, of course, have to start to go into “the Country of games” from the first day.

The third stage will take place on 8 November, it starts at 16:00 Moscow time. This day will reveal all AliExpress coupon deals that will be made in the context of total sales. Products can be add to cart, finally settled with the fact that you intend to buy.

In the fourth stage starts immediate sale. 10 Nov at 16:00 Moscow time AliExpress activates all previously declared and discounts, which you can immediately use after buying the necessary goods. The goods will apply previously collected coupons to make the purchase much more profitable.

The final stage will be held on November 11, right, during the world day of shopping. Again at 16:00 Moscow time AliExpress will launch additional discounts that may be even higher than in the first active day of the sale.

More details on the massive sale AliExpress you can find on this page.


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