Tmall Xiaomi and start closer cooperation.

Xiaomi company and marketplace AliExpress Tmall announced the beginning of closer cooperation on the Russian market. The first fruits of the partnership, the Russians will see is November 11th, when the total sale Tmall will have the big discounts on smartphones Xiaomi. According to representatives of Xiaomi, a smartphone company would be “cheaper than China”.

November 11 in the online shop Tmall that sends goods from Russia are with fast delivery, will be held a large sale, timed to the world day of shopping. As part of the sale will be made on Tmall huge discounts on various vehicles of the leading brands.

The biggest discounts will be installed on the Xiaomi smartphones. This was stated by the official representatives of Xiaomi and AliExpress at the meeting in Moscow. At the initiative of the “New horizons” company Xiaomi Tmall opened his own shop, which sells smartphones at the lowest prices.

For example, the smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 6A, which is called the “king of budget smartphones” will be sold at the sale for the low, low price 5 992 ruble. In fairness, we note that directly in its Chinese stores Xiaomi sells smartphone even 200 rubles cheaper. But at this price, of course, does not include the cost of shipping, duties, etc. In Tmall are officially certified for the Russian market of smartphones.

Also in Tmall will be made of large discounts on the following products Xiaomi:

  • “Smart scales” Body Composition Xiaomi Mi — 2 226 rubles.
  • Flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi8 64GB — 29 090 rubles.
  • Smartphone Xiaomi POCOPHONE F1, 128 GB is 23 990 rubles.
  • Electric toothbrush Xiaomi MiJia — 2 122 rubles.
  • Electric kettle Xiaomi Mi Smart — 2 624 of the ruble.
  • Robot vacuum Xiaomi SKV4022GL — 18 911 roubles.
  • Bluetooth speaker speaker Mi Pocket 2 — 1 797 rubles.
  • Action camera Action Camera 4K Mi — 8 491 ruble.
  • Portable speakers Bluetooth Speaker Mini Mi — 893 ruble.

Note that this is not the most outlandish products Xiaomi. The following collections you can find really unusual items Xiaomi that are not sold in Russia:

  • Unusual and cut-price products from Xiaomi, which are not available in Russia #3
  • Unusual and cut-price products from Xiaomi, which are not available in Russia #2
  • Xiaomi amazing products with great discounts — there are none in Russia


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