Traditionally, the major technological event in September, it presented the Apple. From year to year, the event attracts thousands of online viewers worldwide, the afflicted to know what made Tim cook and his team.

The focus of the “Yabloko” will be confined to the line of iPhone 2019, information which has already managed to share a few reliable sources. The company has prepared to demonstrate three new smartphones. Two older models will be equipped with 5.8— and 6.5-inch OLED displays and a back panel will get a new design of frosted glass. At the same time worth the wait and the successor to the iPhone XS with a 6.1-inch LCD screen with new color schemes.

Externally, the smartphone will be almost no different from last year’s lineup. With the exception of one potential point which is criticized by many users for several months — the square main chamber. Users believe that it will too stand out because of its shape, but judging by the fresh insides, the final design will be more elegant and less convex, as was shown in the first image.

Alleged next iPhone case moldings show what we discussed in our story last week in terms of new cameras. 3 on the high end, 2 on the new XR. Plus all models apparently getting a square, at least based on this one mold floating around.— Mark Gurman (@markgurman) may 13, 2019

The next generation iPhone XS and XS Max will be equipped with triple rear camera: 12-megapixel superzerocool, telephoto and wide angle lenses. The Junior model will receive only two of the last module. It is assumed that in the line 2019 Apple intends to make the main emphasis on the cameras.

The new system will be able to take three images and using new software to automatically adjust the combined photo. It will also take pictures with a higher resolution and will be able to compete with some traditional cameras. The quality of the pictures taken in low light conditions, will also improve. What about the successor of iPhone XR, then it is in Cupertino have improved portrait and added the ability for greater zoom without loss of quality.

Apple is planning to make changes in the frontal system TrueDepth. All new items will get the camera to 12 MP, and special methods of coating will make them less noticeable. Technology Face ID, in turn, get a camera with a wider angle. This means that it will cover a large area, including the ability to determine the owner of the table or any other flat surface. Users also expect new features for photos and video.


Taiwanese manufacturer TSMC will be the sole supplier of processors A13 for iPhone line 2019. New items will be constructed at the 7-nanometer process technology and, of course, should provide increased performance. A13 will also receive a “companion” in the face of the matrix coprocessor, which helps to cope with difficult mathematical problems to help with computer vision and augmented reality functions.

The first benchmark of the A13 processor of the iPhone 11 is filtered #A13processor #A13processorbenchmark— AppleForcast (@AppleForcast) 5 September 2019

In early September, in the database benchmark Geekbench appeared a model iPhone12,1. Most likely, we are talking about the Junior model of smartphone. According to a device running iOS 13.1, got 4 GB of RAM and scored 5415 points in single core test and 11 294 points in multicore. Data about top models yet, but they are expected to get 6 GB RAM and show the highest results among all the “Apple” smartphones.

New devices also will be equipped with higher capacity batteries to provide important new feature, the bi — directional wireless charging. It will allow users to charge other devices with the support of appropriate technology. For example, another “Apple” smartphone or a new AirPods.

Well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo thinks the battery is 5.8-inch iPhone will increase by 20-25%, 6.5-inch — by 10-15%, and 6.1-inch — by only 0-5%. More accurate data about the batteries, said DigiTimes. According to him, the older models will receive battery with a capacity of 3200 and 3500 mAh battery respectively, and the successor to the iPhone XR — 3000 mAh.

A nice bonus

In addition to the iPhone line 2019 American company can also introduce four new models of smart hours Apple Watch Series 5. But information about the new accessories are almost there. It is possible that the device will get a new housing made of ceramics and titanium, and fans of premium products waiting for the return of the Apple Watch Edition. Among the new potential function is a non — invasive glucometer for monitoring blood sugar levels.

In addition, Apple can work over Bluetooth tracker Apple Tag helps you find lost items like keys or wallet. Users can tag objects with special tags. They will be integrated in the app Find My that will automatically track the object and to notify users in the event of their separation. The developers have provided and the special cases in which the search will be able to participate and other iPhone users: if the device finds a lost object, then the screen will display the contact details of the owner of the things.

And now to devices, whose appearance at the September presentation is unlikely. So, Cupertino is preparing two new iPad — budget and Pro-version. Their release is expected in October, but most likely in the same month, they will be presented at a separate event. Both tablets will be running iPadOS 13. Along with the new Apple iPhone can also display 16-inch MacBook Pro. The laptop should obtain a LCD screen manufactured by LG Display with a resolution of 3072 x 1920 and a new processor.

The most incredible announcement may be augmented reality headsets, which from time to time appears in the Network and which is confirmed by leading analysts. The most interesting that the data on the prospective project are contained in an internal build of iOS 13. The application found STARTester designed to activate the headset and copying functionality, the AR device on a iPhone to test. Internal README file also reveals the code name for the project — Garta. The device should go on sale in 2020.

Three smartphones with the alleged names — iPhone 11, iPhone 11, iPhone Pro and 11 Pro Max is supposed to go on sale September 27. New versions of Apple operating systems including iOS 13, will be available on September 23. The very presentation of Apple will be held September 10.

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