Company Counterpoint has released a new market research smart watches. Apple is still the leader, but the latest model of the Apple Watch lose on demand older.

Share Apple Watch on smartwatch market in the second quarter of 2018 fell to 41 percent, compared to 48% for the same period last year. This is probably due to the fact that Fitbit increased their presence from 8% to 21%. Overall, the smartwatch market in the second quarter of 2018 grew by 37%.

Apple Watch Series 1 was much more popular Series 3. In Counterpoint is attributed to the fact that the Apple Watch Series 3 buy only if you need the cellular module.

Despite all the initial hype around the Apple Watch Series 3, users iPhone choose Series 1, if you need a watch without a cell module. This is surprising to many observers of the industry. Almost 90% of the Apple Watch, sold in the second quarter of 2018, we have for Series 1.

Share Fitbit increased due to the hourly Versa, which was released in March of 2018. The five most popular models also got watch Amazfit Bip, which produces a subsidiary of Xiaomi.


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