In many major retail stores there is a special closed room, in which can take place the meeting of the Board of Directors. Each room furnished with expensive furniture and accessories, which were created by world-famous designers and agencies.

According to available data, many of the interior items designed especially for Apple and their impossible to find in the open market. For example, the chairs were designed by Naoto Fukasawa, a close friend of jony Ive and designer of many popular brand products Muji. He also created some furniture for the Apple Park Visitor Centre.

Who exactly produces tables for closed rooms is unknown. It is possible that their design meets the company Barber & Osgerby, which was responsible for the furniture in Apple Park. It is noteworthy that in all the tables in the meeting areas there are sockets for charging mobile devices. Also, many meeting rooms are located in the Apple Store are either wall mounted or floor boxes. Often they are designed in such a way that they could accommodate the entire line of Apple devices while charging.

Special mention deserve the decorations. According to sources, almost all of the conference rooms, you can meet a designer lamp. Most often, Apple’s preference for either a desktop Achille’s Castiglioni’Snoopy Table Lamp in black color or glass Atollo by Vico Magistretti. However, in some Apple Store you can find other lamps. For example, in the Apple Champs-Élysées in Paris, installed a floor lamp in the style of Japanese paper lanterns.

Also in the interior are often found designer rugs, trays for beverages, cups, expensive and rare vases, and in some cases, stone sculptures, complementing the design of the rooms.

At the moment, closed meeting rooms are used for meetings of the Board of Directors, as well as business meetings and private events. It is worth noting that in 2010-2011, many Apple Store a practical briefing rooms, made in a restrained style. They were intended for negotiations with business clients and special events. However, subsequently Apple started to replace them with a more luxurious meeting rooms.


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