In mid-June, singer Olga Buzova has pleased fans with a new photo. Flirty bent, it demonstrated to the subscribers bare shoulders, abs and the piercing in the navel, accompanied by this caption: “Now Olga Buzova not #Taraporevala”. According to the singer, she was overtaken by the President on the number of requests to Google. With 16 million subscribers Buzova — the most popular instagram-blogger Russia. “I love this social network,” admits the star. The cost of advertising integration, according to Forbes, in her instagram account reaches 1 million rubles.

An abyss full of stars

The account in Instagram are almost all Russian celebrities. But there are those who by their appearance in the media owes this social network. On advertising in Instagram earn different categories of influencers: it’s young moms, travel bloggers, models, psychologists and coaches. The creators of short funny video viners — the most commercially successful category.

Reliable information on the number of registered users in the Russian Instagram no. Authorized reseller Facebook Aitarget estimates the number of users 39 million people per month (for comparison: in the USA it is 120 million people worldwide — 1 billion); according to the company’s Brand Analytics, the number of active users may 2019 — 21.8 million Instagram Itself data on the number of users and ‘bots’ and gender-age structure of its audience did not disclose.

However, advertisers do not mind the lack of clear rules of the game: the advertising market in Instagram last year alone, according to the Double Data increased by 85%, to 2.3 billion rubles without advertising in stories. The accuracy of the estimation is complicated by the opacity. Taxes are not paid from 30-35% of the contracts. “Basically bypass the tax to advertise bookmakers,” explains founder and creative Director of the Agency Players Vasily Zuev.

40 the most successful star to 40 years. The Forbes

All the major players have long attended to the legalization of their income. “Over the past three years the number of bloggers who have legal entities and which have started to pay taxes, has increased ten times. Today, a maximum of two out of ten will not be legal entities,” — says the head of the Agency Hello blogger Tanya Ivanova. Major brands-advertisers are not willing to risk the reputation because of the low, by their standards, amounts, so bloggers often register individual entrepreneurs and pay taxes under the simplified scheme — it’s easier to get contracts.

“Almost all agencies are now working vbeluyu, enter into contracts and report to the customers”, — said Zuev. However, mark sponsored posts only a few bloggers.

A nightmare for a blogger

“I tell and show followers what’s happening in my life, show the world when traveling, places, where to visit, and more”, — says Olga Buzova. Instagram, the singer also uses to premieres of his compositions, such as track and video for “thicker than water”. “That’s where the flash mob movement from the video for this song has collected more video parodies and reposts,” recalls the star. Advertising, according to her, she posts infrequently — only shows that she likes, and what I really enjoyed: “I bought face masks and staged a beauty evening for the podeschi, who was often asked what I use”.

Another category of bloggers in Instagram — viners, the creators of vine, a short video that played up the comical, often domestic situations (vine). The most popular of them Nasty Ivlieva. Starting with Instagram, it has become the host of “heads and tails” on TV channel “Friday!”, there’s also YouTube out simultaneously with the Agent show and the spring of 2019 — the series “Tourist police” with Ivlieva in the title role. The price of advertising integration into the instagram blog Ivlieva — 1 million rubles, according to Forbes.

The first lady of the Runet: as Nasty Ivlieva learned how to make millions in personal brand

Their videos Nastya writes often with her friend IDA Galich. “With Nastya, we are friends. The fact that subscribers come to us from each other, is not the purpose of our friendship,” explains the blogger IDA Galic (@galichida, 5.5 million subscribers). Her vine is extremely popular. According to sources of Forbes, integration with photo blog Galich worth 880 000 rubles, and with video of 1 million rubles.

In the Russian Instagram and other examples of popular collaborations. For example, Andrei Borisov (@gan_13_, 4.1 million) and Lilia Abramova (@tatarkafm, 3.4 million) play son and mother, Karina Lazarian (@karinakross, 4.6 million) and David Manoukian (@dava_m, 6.9 million) in their videos depict a loving couple. Mutual exchange of audiences is not the only way to attract new subscribers. Among the popular methods of so-called misspelling and misclicking when users are signed in response to the subscription or the like of any account. “I think it’s useless. If you’re not interesting in itself, one is still you will accomplish your goal,” says IDA Galich.

“I tell and show followers what’s happening in my life, show the world when traveling, places, where to visit, and more”, — says Olga Buzova

Instagram with the so-called fake fighting activity. Often gets conscientious content creators. “If you put the hashtag used by the people spreading spam and it is signed by a huge number of people, Instagram thinks you’re “in.”, and sends you into the shadow ban, as I understand it,” said Galich. The shadow bath, separate hashtags and posts disappear from search.

Another problem bloggers — verification of the profile (the coveted “blue tick”), not just a question of status, but also an additional resource in the fight against fraud. Created by popular bloggers content often illegally appropriated by scammers, by posting on their behalf semi-legal advertising. “There are a few fake accounts, where I was blocked. I don’t see them, and they sell advertising binary auction, some drills, Chinese panties, pranks. Of course, it all goes a hundred rubles — and there are my face”, — is indignant Andrey Borisov. If the blogger has a “blue tick”, it is easier to achieve blocking fake accounts.

More influencers bother blocking and deleting accounts. “This is the nightmare of the blogger. Still got fired from work,” says Andrei Borisov. According to him, often without warning. Instagram to explain that without warning only block accounts that violate the community guidelines or terms of use. “You write, write letters, Instagram might not reply or reply after a week. A week is a long time you lose activity, respectively, you lose the money,” says Weiner Borisov.

Dubious reputation

Just a few years ago the maximum value of the advertising post on the Instagram platform nedotyagivaet and up to 500,000 rubles, is now publishing the top bloggers is 1-1,5 million rubles. The contract value may depend on the relationship of the blogger to brand, and even the mood of influencer. Blogger can enter a factor for some products. “It is one thing to advertise the juice, which is drunk by both men and women, and the other some kind of hygiene product,” says IDA Galich.

Reputation and loyalty of the audience matters too. For example, many bloggers don’t want to advertise “dubious” financial instruments, harmful to health products. Blogger can refuse a company if it is previously ordered advertising in influencer with a dubious reputation. “People make t-shirts, which depicts the target, and Syria, and then advertises something of peacekeeping… In such cases, the advertisers I have a lot of questions,” explains Galich.

As a blogger IDA Galich has gone from WHC to Forbes

Minimum budget of big brands advertising in Instagram — 1-1,5 million rubles, the big brands spend an average of 5-10 million rubles per year, said Vasily Zuev. “The market has about 20-30 players with the budgets for influence marketing is more than 10-15 million per year and five or six players with a budget of over 80 million roubles” — he adds.

“A bot is impossible to sell anything. Neither is in good or in bad”

There are several schemes of work bloggers with brands: independently, through agencies or production centres, which promoteru and promote their wards. There is also a “bloggers exchange” platform where advertisers and influencer find each other: the first place of the task, the second portfolio. “Lately we see a trend: companies are moving the process of communication with the bloggers themselves to save the commissions”, — said Alexander Fedorenko, a co-founder of the platform for Insense running brands with instagram bloggers. In this way, for example, went to the Dating service Badoo billionaire Andrey Andreev. The company is actively working with influencers in Russia and abroad, using its own platform with all the tools for carrying out advertising campaigns.

The largest advertisers in Instagram all manufacturers of consumer goods. In the first place is the drinks (PepsiCo, Coca-Cola), beauty products (L’oreal, Estee Lauder), telcos and banks. “It’s hard to imagine an industry that would have worked in B2C and not tried to cooperate with bloggers. For seven years the popularity of social networking in Instagram was advertised completely different brands,” says Tanya Ivanova. The company is also carefully selected, one of influencers to advertise. For example, the cellular operator “the Megaphone” tries to work with bloggers who are subscribers of the company, the Director of the operator of digital communications and special projects Ilya Alexandrov. Another factor is the format of the action. “About roaming we will tell you at the travel bloggers, and about cashback — financial,” he explains. The success of the advertising of the post, appreciate the engagement. A good indicator in “the Megaphone” consider 7-10%.

Revolution stories

“Everyone has a story” — such slogan was the end of the video Instagram, announced in August 2016, a new feature of the social network of stories. In the first frame minute video, four young men grimace on camera and then publish pictures to Instagram in a new format above the main ribbon. In Instagram then explained that the new product will allow users to share large number of photos or videos and not clog the main feed. This feature has already existed in the app Snapchat. Stories changed advertising model Instagram: helped the photo sharing site to return the loyalty of the audience, and advertisers — to new effective tool. Advertising in stories, as a rule, is three times cheaper integration in the photo format, but it allows you to accurately track conversion: the user simply clicks the link and then it appears on the website of the advertiser.

A serious problem for advertisers are fake accounts. “A bot is impossible to sell anything. Neither is in good or in bad,” says Lev Grunin from Double Data. According Insense, the bots range from 15% to 40% of the registered Instagram accounts in Russia. The situation worsened after the scandal with Cambridge Analytica. In March 2018, it became known that associated with Donald trump Analytics company illegally accessed the data of tens of millions of Facebook users. In April of that year IT closed Corporation API developers, significantly complicating the data collection of social network users. Affected by this measure, and Instagram.

The taming of the socialite: 20 “integramedica” displace “hard luxury” and make millions

However, many of the companies placing ads at instagram-bloggers, do not delve into the details. Advertisers who check with different services cheat bots a little. “Usually diagonally look at the difference between the number of followers and likes or views,” says Ivanov.

One solution to the problem with bots is the emergence of influencer format + paid social. Blogger allows the advertiser to launch an advertising campaign on its behalf. The advertiser can set up showings according to the required parameters, showing is not only to subscribers of the blogger, but also the target audience, it is not signed, says Anton Salyukov from Insense. Also created by the blogger of the content, the advertiser may place the group in Facebook or on the website.

If Instagram is fighting with bots? In the social network claims that every day with special neural networks are monitored and blocked “millions of fake accounts and unauthentic”. Bloggers confirm that from time to time in Instagram is “wave backs”. However, not all market players believe that fighting bots is systemic, because the social network is not profitable. “Facebook sells its advertising, and its earnings are directly proportional to the volume of the audience,” recalls one of the interlocutors of Forbes.

The most successful bloggers of Russia — 2019. The Forbes

1 of 9
RIA Novosti

2 of 9
Alexander Kornuhin for Forbes

3 out of 9
Sergei Savostyanov / TASS

4 of 9

5 out of 9
Persona Stars / Legion-Media

6 of 9
From the personal archive

7 of 9
Vova Gavrikov / URA.RU / TASS

8 of 9

9 of 9
Alexander Mamaev / URA.RU / TASS

Ksenia Sobchak, 37 years
Place in the rating stars “40 under 40”: 12
Income: $1.0 million
Subscribers in Instagram: 6.5 million
Subscribers / views on YouTube: more than 851 000 / 55.8 mln more
The daughter of the first mayor of St. Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak and former Federation Council member Lyudmila Narusova.

23 Dec 2017 became the presidential candidate from the party “Civil initiative” (June 2018 renamed the “Party of change”). Четвtртое took place in the presidential election on March 18, 2018, gaining 1 237 692 (1,68%) votes.

Known for his interviews with major Russian businessmen and politicians who came out in the program “Sobchak alive” on TV channel “Rain”.

From 20 may 2019 has been the chief producer of a new entertainment TV channel “Super”.

The main income Sobchak brings management of corporate events and advertising in Instagram. The largest advertising contracts signed with Bosco di Ciliegi, “L’etoile”, Pandora, and Dior Makeup.

In March 2015, made his debut as a stage actress in the play “Marriage” of the theatre of Nations. The main role in this production was played by her ex-husband Maxim Vitorgan.

In June 2018, was released documentary film “Sobchak Case” based on script by Ksenia Sobchak and Faith Krychev.

“I don’t know what will happen in 10 years. Maybe I’m bored, I’ll go to India and will live in the Ashram. So far no such desire” (Forbes, 2012).

Nastya Ivleva, 28 years
Place in the rating stars “40 under 40”: 14
Income: $0.9 million
Subscribers in Instagram (main account): 12.4 million
Subscribers / views on YouTube: over 3 million / more 175,7 million
The first promotional offer Nastia Ulevoi did when her blog in Instagram gathered 10,000 subscribers. It was an advertisement for the Dating website Badoo, where you Ivlieva earned 15,000 rubles.

In 2016, the success Ulevoi noticed on television: first, she was invited to show “anything” on TV channel “Yu”, and then in the transfer of “heads and tails” on “Friday.” (from it she went to the end of 2018).

Last year Ivlieva launched his own YouTube show. She also continues to grow in Instagram, she has more than 12 million subscribers.

For the main spoken YouTube show “wdud” issue with Ulevoi remains the most popular — interviews of more than 26 million views.

In 2018 Ivlieva became a producer. It produces in Instagram leading “Match TV” Yulia Koval and Instagram-blogger Vitaly Vidyakina.

The first lady of the Runet: as Nasty Ivlieva learned how to make millions in personal brand

Yuri Dude, 32 years

Place in the rating stars “40 under 40”: 18
Income: $1.4 million
The Instagram followers: 2.2 million
Subscribers / views on YouTube: more than 5.7 million / more 665,6 million
In journalism came at the age of 11 wrote the notes for the “Youth newspaper”, with 14 years worked (initially freelance) in the sports edition of “Izvestia”.

Since 2011 — chief editor In 2018, moved to the position of Deputy General Director of the publication, and in early 2019, the became its co-owner.

In 2012-2013, led the football talk show “Blow your head” on TV channel “Russia-2”, in the autumn of 2015 until early 2017 was a co-host of the program “cult tour” on the “Match TV”.

In February 2017 launched on YouTube the author’s show “wdud”, where he interviews interesting entrepreneurs, politicians, journalists, actors, Directors, and representatives of show-business and the Internet, and also produces documentary films.

Audience of the channel “wdud” as of the end of July 2019 — more than 5.7 million subscribers. Editions of the show in total was about 664 million times.

A year before the 2018 world Cup in Russia Dude took part in the campaigns of Alfa-Bank, Head & Shoulders, Hyundai, Veon, Adidas and other more modest brands.

Size, 34

Place in the rating stars “40 under 40”: 21
Income: $2.7 million
The Instagram followers: 1.7 million
Subscribers / views on YouTube: more than 7.4 million / 1.6 billion

Real name Valentin Petukhov

Cocks began with reviews on Apple equipment, this explains his nickname. Wylsa the abbreviation of “Would you like some apples?” (“Do you want some apples?”).

In December 2017, Sberbank has signed an exclusive contract with Wylsacom. Blogger became the Ambassador of the state Bank. Under the contract he is testing the “digital services company and tells them their audience.” In 2018, the contract was extended for another year.

Alexei Navalny appealed to Petukhov to help with production, and he responded, giving the opposition a number of tips on starting a YouTube channel. It cocks suggested format is “grey background and the white table”, which uses the politician.

Kate Clapp, 26 years
Place in the rating stars “40 under 40”: 27
Income: $0.5 million
Subscribers in Instagram: 7.2 million
Subscribers / views on YouTube: more than 6.6 million / more 790,8 million
Real name Ekaterina Trofimova

Together with cosmetics brand MAC released a lipstick in a campaign with bloggers Maker MAC Lipstick.

In 2015, Seagull sounded in the cartoon “spongebob in 3D”. “At least a little, but left a trail in your favorite cartoon! There you can hear my legendary “Pau Chica! PAH! PAH!“, said blogger its subscribers in Instagram. In 2016, got a cameo in the fourth season of the series “Junior” on TV channel STS.

Sasha Spielberg, 21
Place in the rating stars “40 under 40”: 30
Income: $0.7 million
Subscribers in Instagram: 5.1 million
Subscribers / views on YouTube: 6.5 million / 1 billion

Real name — Alexander Balkovskaya.

The number of subscribers to channel Sasha Spielberg on YouTube over 6 million, account in Instagram — 5 million
Became the first among Russian women bloggers, the number of views on the YouTube channel which has exceeded 1 billion

In 2016, got a cameo in the Christmas Comedy “Christmas Tree-5”.

In April 2017 in the blog Spielberg has had a Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky. In may of the same year, the blogger has participated in parliamentary hearings on the youth policy.

Little Big (Ilya Prusikin)

Place in the rating stars “40 under 40”: 35
Income: $1.0 million
Subscribers in Instagram: 417 000
Subscribers / views on YouTube (collectively channels Little Big and “CLICKLOCK”): more than 9.9 million / more than 1.73 billion

The leader of the group Little Big — Ilya Ilyich Prusikin (pictured).

Prusikin created Little Big in 2013. The first album From Russia With Love was released in March 2014.

The video for the song SKIBIDI that Little Big released in October 2018, on YouTube gained more than 256 million views. In roller dance that has gone viral, performed by bloggers Daniel Cross, Eldar Dzarakhov, Morgenstern, rapper GONE.Fludd and the lead singer of the Hatters Yury Muzychenko.

Canal Little Big on YouTube more than 4 million subscribers.

In July, the Director of the record label Little Big Family Denis Glazin has applied for trademark registration SKIBIDI.

Group Little Big gives more than 120 concerts a year in Russia and Europe.

Max +100500, 29 years
Place in the rating stars “40 under 40”: 36
Income: $0.7 million
Subscribers in Instagram: more than 722 000
Subscribers / views on YouTube: 10.1 million / more than 2.1 billion

Real name Maxim of the Devision for.

Gained fame through the videos in a humourous comment on various videos.

The number of subscribers of the channel golopolosova on YouTube more than 10 million people, the total number of hits 2 billion

Was the co-founder of OOO “Caramba TV”, which was ruled by the eponymous online channel CarambaTV and produced the show “+100500”. In January 2015, 51% of the company was sold to “STS Media” in the spring of 2016 the remaining 49% was bought by Oleg Bratishko, managing partner of the Fund Typhoon Digital Development.

IDA Galich, 29 years
Place in the rating stars “40 under 40”: 39
Income: $0.8 million
Subscribers in Instagram: 5.6 million
Subscribers / views on YouTube: over 1 million / more than 80.1 million
IDA Galich a long time, played in the WHC. He played for the team “Autumn kiss”, which later changed its name to “Moscow was not built”. In 2015, the team took third place in the Premier League.

Instagram-blogger has recorded four musical tracks and took them to clips, which together gained on YouTube more than 20 million views. The most popular is the Comedy movie “the Businessman”. It IDA appeared in the form of pop stars of the 1990s.

In the spring of 2019, the launched show “1 — 11” on YouTube, it stars of show business and students check on the knowledge of the school curriculum.

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