In the past Apple has repeatedly received unusual lawsuits. Among poslednym course you can safely add a new lawsuit in which a resident of the US sued Apple wsod because of the cutout on the iPhone screen Xs Max.Before buying the girl was sure that smartphone has no “bangs”, but when she unpacked the purchase, it was a nasty surprise.

Interestingly, instead of simply return your purchase Courtney Davis decided to go to court. Girl accuses Apple of unfair is in the fact that a company introduces users to the error.Based on the posters that the plaintiff was sure that smartphone has no cutout in the screen, that’s why he was acquired.

Davis also makes the Apple company the other claims. In particular, the American believes that Apple according to the pixels on the screen of their smartphones. According to the girls, cupertinos to increase their number, forgetting that the screens in the new iPhone are rounded at the edges.

It is difficult to say whether such a lawsuit to trial.
However, Davis is looking for like-minded people to achieve collective action.


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