About the imminent exit on the market of banking by The Wall Street Journal said the head of payment services Google Caesar Sengupta. According to him, next year the company will launch the service to provide checking accounts. In fact, this is a simple Bank account on which you can write checks, but this procedure in the United States is not losing popularity. Code name draft — Cache, consonant with another English word “cash.” First question — why? Google already has a mobile payments system, integrated with Google Pay and Google Wallet. But the company goes further in banking — where already with their credit proposals located Apple. And this is a completely different format than the one that today sells Chinese Wechat or trying to implement Facebook or Telegram. Although the motivation certainly is the same — to unite the audience around a single brand. Says the Chairman of the Board of the Association of participants of the market of electronic money and remittances Victor Dostov.

Victor Dostov Chairman of the Board of Association of participants of the market of electronic money and remittances “In my opinion, it is not the desire to become a financial Empire, but rather a desire to create a closed ecosystem so that the user inside the interface of the company, inside Facebook, inside Telegram, inside Google, you shouldn’t have to go outside for shopping. That is, all the companies try to keep people inside and to minimize the number of cases when a person gets out to pay for something, make a transfer and so forth.”

Back to the money. Today’s competitor Kesha, Apple, and works in cooperation with the Bank Goldman Sachs. The number of partners Google, Citigroup and credit Union at Stanford University, which will manage the offer Google accounts.

A logical question arises — why bother to use the services of IT companies, if you have traditional financial institutions? Google promises more favorable terms and a loyalty program. And if the company also will waive a fee for the service (and this option is being considered), the advantage will be obvious. Google is counting on a loyal audience, but this factor may not play. Said independent analyst Dmitry Stepanov.

Dmitry Stepanov independent analyst “in them, respectively, the main opportunity lies in the fact that very large, of course, the audience. Based on this audience, you can display any products, but, in General, this is where it ends. Each player in the market, which has a large audience of users of Google mail, maps and other Google products it products from other manufacturers will not change. The owners of these brands, I expect that some more difficult financial decisions will be popular. But, on the other hand, everything about Finance, after all this is a very conservative decision. It’s one thing to use email, and another thing to use your money on some new products.”

In the context of plans by Google to remember the words of the head of Sberbank German Gref, said even three years ago. He said that traditional banks have no future. And the market will inevitably seize IT-giants are services outside of the banking sector. And forecast Gref, it seems, is coming true.

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