While Beijing and Washington vying to raise taxes in a trade conflict between the two largest economies in the world included Chinese business and ordinary consumers. In companies under threat of dismissal require the employees not to buy American cars, iPhones, not to go to McDonald’s and forget about American brands. In social networks is also urged to boycott goods from the United States. About how in China the people’s war is unfolding — in the material RIA Novosti.

There is a national war

Anti-American propaganda in China reached a peak: the last straw was introduced by Donald trump the ban on cooperation with Huawei. To deliver software, technology and equipment of Chinese telecommunications giant refused all of the leading American IT companies, including Google, Microsoft, Intel, ARM, Qualcomm, Broadcom.

A couple of weeks ago, the state-run Chinese newspaper The Global Times called in an editorial to the “people’s war” with the United States.

The reaction was immediate. Social networks need to boycott American products and buy Huawei smartphones. Against Apple’s gadgets organized the whole campaign.

“I did purchase a Huawei phone, but at the same time abandon the planned purchases of Apple Watch and similar products have Chinese company. US just messing with her,” complains one user of the microblogging service Weibo (the Chinese equivalent of Twitter).

“No need to fantasize about how to stop Huawei. Instead, we stop the Apple,” says another.

The newspaper “huanqiu shibao” last week gave the floor to the employees of Huawei. All demonstrate the concentration and confidence.

“After the media reported that “the country And” taking action against our company, I quietly went to work, quietly doing all the tasks, quietly participated in all the meetings, stresses one of the employees. — I am only a soldier of our company. No matter what difficulties we face, I believe that every “Huawei” will remain steadfast, to continue to work, the effort, and then we can not win!”

“I am new to the company, but work on the conscience, every line of code written by me adds to the company’s forces, — says another employee of Huawei. — For those born in the 1990s, money is not important, despite all the difficulties, we care about the value of our work for the company, society and country. Want us to overcome all difficulties and to flourish!”

The publication notes that Huawei employees in these difficult times to support friends and family.

“Last week when the US imposed sanctions on Huawei, my girlfriend also learned this, although the news never really was interested in — leads “huanqiu shibao” the words of one of employees of the company. She told me that there will be more to me and swear to support me, create a calm and pleasant atmosphere, if only I worked, contributed to the victory over the United States.”

Only domestic

To the people’s war against American goods has joined the Chinese business. Developer Internet products Mengpai Technology offered a 15 percent subsidy to employees and contractors who buy the phone and promised to penalize the staff for the iPhones for the full amount of their value. In addition, the company is forbidden to purchase office equipment and cars of American brands.

About this lesson of patriotism reported by the media, and Mengpai Technology, a host of followers. Manufacturer of electronic components Shenzhen Huiyisheng went even further, paying employees with a smartphone Huawei prize of 500 yuan (about 72 dollars). But from iPhones asked to give up. Otherwise the dismissal.

Station car check Jinggang notified all employees: from now on, to buy American goods is prohibited. You cannot use iPhones, drive American cars, eat at American fast food restaurants, to buy consumer goods, in particular cosmetics and diapers.

“Instead of iPhones — domestic brands cell phone, such as Huawei. Cars are not permitted Sino-American joint ventures only 100 percent local production. Banned fast food McDonald’s or KFC, the products of Procter & Gamble, Amway and any other American brands. You can’t visit the US as tourists”, — quotes the newspaper the Epoch Times sent to employees Jinggang notice.

As explained by the company’s management, this is done in order “to help the country to win this war,” and those who dare to violate the bans, waiting for the inevitable dismissal.

Chamber of Commerce of Shanghai also promised awards for the purchase of smartphones Huawei and severe punishment to those who will see the Apple gadgets.

The propaganda song the “Trade war”, written by former official Zhao Lanthanum, is rapidly gaining popularity in social networks.

“Chinese people have lived for thousands of years — thousands of years to unite against the common enemy, — it is told in the song. — We are not afraid of anything, engaging in a trade war. If the enemies ignite a war, then we have enough spirit to answer them. If the enemy dares to strike, the government and the people, United, will speak to him. If the enemy dares to strike, diplomacy and the economy will respond to him. If the perpetrator had dared to strike a blow, we will strike so that he will feel dizzy and sparks fly from his eyes”.

Not going to back down

According to analysts, national-Patriotic frenzy, it significantly limits the space for manoeuvre to the official Beijing, eliminating the possibility of compromise with Washington. Under the pressure of public opinion the Chinese authorities will have to act tougher.

The process has already started. Beijing announced may 27 the anti-dumping duties on imports of phenol — one of the most important chemicals required in oil refining, pharmaceutical, chemical, textile and other industries. As has informed the Ministry of Commerce of China, customs duties related to products from the EU, South Korea, USA and Japan, and each provider has its own fee from tolerable 11.9 percent to prohibitive 129,6%. There is no doubt that the highest rate of Beijing reserved for Americans.

In addition, China imposes a license for the export of rare earth metals, critical raw materials for modern electronics. This was announced on Friday the representative of Ministry of Commerce Gao Feng.

Today, U.S. manufacturers 80 percent satisfy the demand for rare earth elements due to China. The termination of deliveries to many threatened to stop work.

According to Bloomberg, expectations regarding the resolution of trade disputes between China and the US are now at a record low. The Agency notes that the Asian markets have begun active sales of shares of American companies and that, apparently, are the Chinese.

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