It turned out that only three companies — Apple, Huawei and Microsoft — has not affected one of the most enduring trends of our time. Only they managed to do what other vendors were unattainable.

In the global tablet market more than three years has declined. For the period from April to June 2018 (inclusive) were supplied to 40.9 million mobile devices in this category, which is 6% less than in the second quarter of 2017, says Adrian Diaconescu (Adrian Diaconescu) on the resource page citing Strategy Analytics.

Delivery of Apple iPad tablets Huawei and Microsoft continued to grow

But even during the fourteenth quarter, during which this market segment has been declining, a number of companies showed an increase. Two of them are in the Top 5 leading suppliers of tablets on the world market.

According to Strategy Analytics, despite the relatively high average price of an iPad (even after the debut of the relatively affordable model with a 9.7-inch display), sales of tablets Apple, which is the number one supplier of tablets in the global market, during the period under review this year amounted to 11.6 million (compared with 11.4 million iPads sold in the second quarter of last year).

Third place in the ranking of the vendors of tablets is Huawei. And the company was the only brand that offers Android tablets, shipments of the considered devices, which grew from 3.2 million (second quarter 2017) to 3.7 million (second quarter of 2018) tablets. Market share increased from 7.3% to 9.1%.

Microsoft, although not included in the Top 5 suppliers of tablets on the world market, but also showed noticeable growth, managing to supply only 1 million devices in this category, including the Surface Pro 2 and Surface Book. With the advent of cheap Surface Go situation developing Windows companies in this market segment could become even more durable.

It should be noted that devices running Windows operating system with a detachable keyboard, as expected, will benefit from the new approach to prices. However, Google also uses a similar strategy to the devices two-in-one running Chrome OS.

It is noted that tablets Samsung (5 million) and Amazon (1.5 million) were delivered in the second quarter of this year, less than in the corresponding period of last year (Samsung — 5.8 million; Amazon — 2.0 million).

Why Apple, Huawei and Microsoft continues to improve the delivery of tablets even when this segment of the market is declining? To discuss this topic readers can Telegram chat.


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