The new iPhone will enjoy the new possibilities.

There was another new information about the iPhone 11 (XI) and iPhone 11 Max (XI). An insider from the Chinese resource Weibo, repeatedly “merging” information about the new iPhone, talked about some of the major innovations of the next flagship Apple. According to the released information, and iPhone iPhone 11 11 Max will get batteries with much greater capacity, and displays with 120Hz frame rate and ultra-fast wireless charging.

According to new leaks obtained from the supply chain Apple, the new iPhone and iPhone 11 11 Max there will be many improvements. In the first place, Apple plans to equip the latest smartphones OLED displays frequency “to 120 Hz”.

The insider said that Apple implements a fairly standard solution and the refresh rate of the display will change from 90 to 120 Hz depending on the task. It is assumed that the frequency of 90 Hz will be active while performing all normal tasks and 120 Hz will be activated in the game for maximum smooth and clear gameplay.

And iPhone 11, iPhone 11, and Max will get a battery with increased capacity. The only source could find out the exact capacity of the battery of the larger iPhone 11 Max — it will be a record for Apple’s smartphone 4000 mAh.

In addition, the new iPhone will have wireless charging with a power of 15 watts. If the rumor is confirmed, then the iPhone 11 the iPhone 11 Max will surpass all other smartphones in the speed of charging without wires. At the moment the maximum power wireless charging the actual iPhone one is 7.5 watts.

Also, the leak confirms that the new iPhone will be equipped with a system of three cameras. The source noted that due to this, the smartphone will be able three times optical zoom.

Of course, similar rumors earlier in the year should be treated with skepticism. However, earlier this same insider has already revealed the correct information about the new iPhone. It is possible that he will be right this time.

Source: Weibo.


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