An Overview Of Apple Watch Series 4. Now they can buy?

An Overview Of Apple Watch Series 4. Now they can buy?

It’s time to change our old, worn Apple Watch is the first generation. Or not?

I bought Series 4 on the day of the start of sales, wrote this review and now I don’t know whether I will them to leave. Not because they did not like — no, quite the contrary. It’s a great watch. The best on the market by far.

Just had to take this version. Then explain why. First the good news, which a lot of.

The new Apple Watch three years of waiting. Finally
In mid-April 2015, I first put the steel Apple Watch is the first generation. Not gonna lie if I say that I really liked it. All the other “pots” flew to the closet where lay still.

It’s been three and a half years. Alas, nothing lasts forever, especially a smart watch with a tiny battery.

Daily walks with a clock and fire notification to squeeze out of the battery my AW is almost all. This summer they finally stopped working at least a day soaking in the best case, from 9 am to 7 PM.

And okay, if only the weak battery. But the performance of this model has already collapsed to a level not spivshegosya even the legendary “tight” iPad 3 on iOS 9.3.5.

Since watchOS 2.0, AW first generation is terrible and incredibly slow menu, apps, and everywhere, except for passive screens dials. You can use them except as just a watch with the ability to view notifications.

Even so I can’t bring myself to remove the watch Apple. They are steel, pretty heavy, decent looks, especially with leather, some nylon and steel straps. They are not ashamed to wear with anything, even in the gym.

But the important thing is that thanks to them, I very rarely take your iPhone out of your pocket. All notifications to the distance of rotation of the brush is incredibly convenient, especially when in the day they are coming more than 500 pieces (stats from iOS 12 yesterday, if that). And it would be possible to continue to use them, but…

The first Apple Watch is no longer in the game. Since September, this model will no longer receive firmware updates. And so there’s a chance that in a year they will simply cease to sync with the iPhone. Will just have to throw it away.

So it’s time to change Apple Watch 0 Series. First. And second. Perhaps even the third. Very timely in Cupertino have heard the request and released the first truly new model — Series 4.

Its display is fascinating. The speed is amazing. And hours thought-provoking. Technically, from AW have nothing more to wish.

There are, however, several important “but”.

This new, giant display — thank you, iPhone X
Not everyone remembers that the Apple Watch was the first device of the company with display with OLED technology. Today, it is no surprise at all: powerful contrast ratio, true black color and slim frame — the banality of the smartphone market in 2018. In April 2015 it was more or less a novelty.

OLED run in hours, Tim cook and CO have made the iPhone X with the same screen, simultaneously cutting off 90% of the legendary thick framework along with Touch ID. It became obvious with Apple Watch it’s time to do the same.

So Series 4 meet the increased screen modules: 38mm turned into 40 mm and 42 mm — 44 mm. it would Seem that only 2 mm! They will not notice if nearby not to put the old model.

Greatly reduced the inactive frame. The corners of the display are now more rounded, just like the iPhone X/XS. The verge of the glass is also quite sloping, reminiscent of the flagship Apple’s smartphone.

Compare the resolution and display sizes.

Apple Watch Series 0-3: 38 mm — 272×340 (563 mm2), 42 mm 312×390 (740 mm2).

Apple Watch Series 4: 40 mm 324×394 (759 mm2), 44 mm — 368×448 (977 mm2).

Screen resolution of the first iPhone — 320×480. So, for reference.

It turns out that little Apple Watch Series 4 higher resolution than larger models from previous years. And so they can display even more information. That’s what I understand upgrade.

Not gonna lie if I say that the screens of previous generations AW look hopelessly outdated next to the new models. Small, rectangular, uninformative — no thanks, leave them in the past.

Owners of older Apple Watch will notice that in Series 4 screen is much brighter and the colors more saturated and more contrast. At least, after my old Series 0 the difference is obvious.

At bright solar color display Series 4 remains readable. Screen is the new AW killer is able to deliver brightness of 1000 CD/m2 is nearly 2 times more than the iPhone XS (625 CD/m2). Small, but perfectly formed!

Yes, this value is not changed since Series 2, but after my first AW (450 CD/m2) it instantly catches the eye.

Increased bright display is cool, but as it is used in Apple operating system hours? To this we shall return, but until about a few other innovations.

Force feedback wheel Digital Crown taxis

Very few people like the physical click wheel in the Apple Watch, but without it, it would be much worse. Now it added a bit of “soul”, bringing touch-to-wheel in a mechanical watch.

This ripple effect is not new. If you have an iPhone 7 or later, open the Clock app and select Alarm clock. Roll the “drums” over time. That’s about how responsible the Digital Crown in the AW4.

Alas, the chip is fully virtual, thank you to the motor Taptic Engine, simulating dozens if not hundreds of different vibration. Because of this, the wheel “knocks” when scrolling only when the screen is that, in fact, to twist. Seems logical, but the illusion shatters.

New speakers right yelling, and that’s good

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Publication of (@iphones_ru) 22 Sept 2018 8:14 PDT
One fan has already tested the volume of the Apple Watch Series 4 — it turned out that it is equal to iPad Mini first generation. Like nothing says.

So I went to the center of Berlin, on the kurfürstendamm to the noisy crowds, the noise of the countless street cafes and the hum of cars passing by. And call home first, with the old and then new.

In fact, the voice is from the old AW, I never heard. Only when leaned watch to your ear, I was able to recognize half of the words. Even so this did not make sense: everything I said is impossible to make out at the end of the tube in the middle of the sounds of one of the most crowded streets of Berlin.

What a strong contrast between them and the Series 4! Cost the person on the other end say “Hello”, and I wanted to cover up the clock so as not to attract the attention of the people. It is a pity that hand you still need to hold ourselves — otherwise the MIC just does not catch your voice.

Both issues are irrelevant if you have AirPods and other headphones — but now without them it is much easier to talk on the street or in a noisy environment, it is a fact.

I was rather in appendage to the other “bonus”. The first Apple Watch absent normal speaker, and Siri couldn’t answer the voice. The opportunity to finally use assistant really very good. Still she could do something really useful… But that’s another story.

The rear panel is just awesome. Would wear them upside down

Before it was? Ceramic pad around the heart rate sensors were put only in expensive, steel model of the Apple Watch. From aluminum the rear was plain and boring “pancake” made of composite plastic.

In Series 4 at all hours, regardless of the prices and configuration are fully ceramic panels — that is, the entire back side of ceramics, and not just the Central area. It looks very cool. Glossy and shiny, the panel shimmers with reflections like glass.

It looks so good that I wonder: why this year did not entirely ceramic model as the previous two generations in a row? I do not understand.

Apple explains that the new panel is required in all models due to the presence of built-in GPS. I believe you, otherwise the aluminum version and then came with plastic instead of ceramic.

Scratches on the back, by the way, don’t worry. This gloss will not be erased, and the scratches get put is that a sharpened diamond.

In General, black aluminum AW4 and a ceramic panel strongly contrast. If the bottom part seems to be an ultra-premium, top in comparison as if accidentally went to the roundabout and accidentally ended up in a Department store.

Now that you know how AW4, which they previously could not?

Waiting: wearing the new Apple Watch Series 4 and learned all about your heart — and perhaps quickly enrolled in the doctor. Arrhythmia, pathology and signs of other circulatory diseases will no longer be held! Wow, a life for a long time now.

Reality: nothing of this yet.

Apple huipil so much new (and really cool) chips AW4 that they will remember more than any other announcement at the September presentation. Only at the end was a PostScript: all this will appear later in autumn and winter.

I hope it’s not as “there” of AirPower. Not pleased with the fact that in Russia the unclear fate of the functions of the electrocardiogram.

When the new watch will get the promised Goodies, I will write a separate article and will update this review. And while we rejoice in the new display and enhanced dials.

Here to carp almost to nothing. First, I like the new dial Infograph — the one that is displayed on all promotional materials AW4.

This dial fits as much as 8 modules more than the analog clock. Moreover, these modules display more graphical data. Not just numbers or icons, but the mini-graphs.

Personalize this dial — a task for five minutes, because modules very much. Central unit with clock can be white, but it looks so-so. Black everything.

In Series 4 not only added ultraminformation Infograph, but also updated almost all the preset dials. So, many of them for at least one additional module. And those that scroll vertically, now display more information on the first screen, allowing you less likely to reach for the scroll wheel Digital Crown.

New firmware for clocks, watchOS 5.0 brought some nice dials on the old model AW. But I personally don’t like any of them.

These animations quickly stale, with ten times is not impressive at all. And, most importantly, in real life you don’t have time to see most of them — unless, of course, don’t raise your hand for five seconds on purpose to see the flash of fire or smoldering hot metal.

As for me, the cutest animated dials were and still are the flowers, butterflies and timelapse.

Application watchOS now display more information, who would have thought. But I like the fact that now respond to notifications was much easier: I never missed the buttons on the move. To display the old models had to poke almost with pinpoint accuracy.

Okay, enough about the dials. Performance-how?

Happily report: have not seen any single lag during these four days of active use Series 4. Ran everything from music player to third-party software. The download is almost instant, reaction to pressing and scrolling is instantaneous.

‘ve forgotten what it’s like to truly enjoy their Apple Watch. After the Series 0, the new model seems to be just space. At least re-start pumping application in to AW.

I want to underline one more real plus of the Apple Watch 4. This is a standalone work and she on top.

Example. I took charge the Apple Watch overnight after buying on Friday. Walked with them all day Saturday and Sunday. The job came with a 15% charge.

They lasted two full days on a single charge — despite the fact that I used them much harder than most people in ordinary situations. This is a very strong result.

The ability to charge the Apple Watch every three days instead of every person can seem ridiculous to those who fundamentally ignores the market of “smart hours” and prefers the conventional. But for me personally this is a huge plus.

I’ll note that in the 44 mm version is a little more battery than 42 mm. But that should pull out two full days, just no stock in the morning.

The main disappointment of the Apple Watch Series 4. Purely Russian

Starting with Series 3, Apple releases a modification of the AW with a built-in eSIM-card. Theoretically, this means that the watch can be used at all without the iPhone and get notifications, listen to music and use many applications without restrictions.

However, eSIM work, few operators, and not a single Russian among them. Blame the position of the RF law “On communication”, which equals the use of eSIM to cloning a physical SIM card — that is, to the violation of the law.

Conventional Nano-SIM is a unique identifier of the subscriber, but eSIM that same identity does not allow, contrary to the basic provisions of the law of the Russian Federation.

— from the article about why in Russia it is impossible to use the eSIM in the iPhone XS
So Apple simply does not sell in Russia the models of the Apple Watch with built-in eSIM. A seemingly small loss, right? No.

Because all steel AW, including Series 4, are produced with eSIM inside. So, in Russia you just can’t buy the steel Apple Watch Series 4.

And this, gentlemen, is full of fail. Or not say. As a user steel Apple Watch, I don’t want even free to change them on the aluminum version.

Will try to explain:

the steel body is heavier, it feels like a real watch

the steel looks on the hand is much more solid than brushed aluminum

steel can always be polished from scratches and aluminum — no
steel is heavier than a deep scratch

steel does not peel off paint

And most importantly. In the steel models of the Apple Watch is sapphire crystal glass. Not spraying. Not composite simulation. Real, present, and the relevant him “buns”.

Sapphire crystal, steel Apple Watch just can’t be scratched. At all. After three and a half years, on the glass of my AW there is not a single scratchy. Even in direct light. Even with a magnifying glass. They are like new.

I beat them about the metal hundreds of times. Touched with a flourish that would have killed instantly in the trash glass in aluminium AW. Threw on the table display down without the slightest doubt. And nothing.

You wear the Apple Watch while you had the steel model. They are beautiful and worth every penny that the company asks for Series 4, even these cents will have to pay much more ($699 instead of $399).

If you’re in Europe or the US and think about whether to buy Series 4, take a steel version. And you will wear it for three or four years, like me.

Okay, well, tuckered out. Back to business.

Total. Someone to take a new AW4 and what

The reality is that the Apple Watch Series 4 is almost a mandatory upgrade for owners of hours first series. You will immediately notice the difference in performance and Autonomous operation. Rate the coolness of the big screen. Rejoice built-in GPS in all models.

Even if you use the watch for notifications from the iPhone, you should expect to see more text, easier to hit the buttons to answer and hear the caller fine, perezvanivaya on the go.

But now the Apple Watch in Russia you can buy almost change. Seriously, the ads inundated with offers first and second generations of the Apple for mere pennies. For example, Series 0, you can get for 5 thousand rubles!

Therefore, the price of 33 thousand RUB over the 4 Series may at first seem redundant. Hence the question is what model are you going to go?

🔥 Owners Series 0: take new model. Time. Our watch is already in the dustbin of history. They slow down and work less days. In the fifth generation so much new that such an upgrade will hit every rouble spent. Speak for yourself.

Users Series 1-2: take a new watch if your at least a little satisfied. Two days of Autonomous work with no problems, ultra fast performance and a large, almost edge-to-edge screen is really cool. The difference is noticeable.

For those who have Series 3: while wait. One of the innovations of the new hours, you can only be of interest to a larger display Yes, advanced medical chips. But recent yet. Worth a look as they will work (including in Russia) — if all will be OK, then I’d look at Series 4.

In conclusion, I will say one thing. If you have the opportunity to take steel, take steel. Especially now they are in gold color.

🏃 P. S. the Fitness function will test in a separate article. A pre-order on the Apple Watch Series 4, you can leave here.

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