Price growth will continue.

In 2018, Apple has amazed even his most loyal fans. The company increased prices on all new devices, and significantly. Hardest current pricing policy Apple has hit Russia, Brazil and other countries, whose currency weakened against the dollar. As a result of higher prices of new units are sold less than expected, the company and Apple shares are falling rapidly. If Apple is already planning in the future to correct the situation and reduce costs? Respected analyst Paris Marx says no.

According to Marx, the Apple is not the first year follows the rate at which the company receives the highest incomes. Statistics of iPhone sales in recent years indicates that the company is not concerned about low growth or even decline in iPhone sales. The company is interested in increase of the average price of the iPhone and other products.

Thanks to the efforts of marketers the increase in the average price in the last few years passed relatively quietly for consumers. However, in 2017, Apple decided on an unusual course and released the iPhone X that were $300 more expensive than the previous most expensive iPhone.

Consumers iPhone X met with open arms — smartphone became the most sold in the world for seven months. Apple looked at the success of the iPhone X and realized that customers are willing to pay significantly more money for a device company. As a result, in 2018, all new iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch was more expensive.

Marx believes that despite the bad sales of the iPhone XS iPhone XS iPhone Max and XR in quantitative terms, Apple will continue to follow a given course. Forecast analyst, Apple will raise prices until, until you can get that limit reached and buyers are willing to pay more money.

Source: Medium.


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