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Apple should not ignore the new trend of Android manufacturers on foldable smartphones, analysts IBTimes. According to experts, Apple need to act with an eye on the competitors that you see for folding smartphone future.

After Huawei and Samsung introduced its first folding smartphone among the Android manufacturers, it was observed a strong revival. Insiders Digitimes found out that Xiaomi, Vivo, LG, Lenovo and others began to contact with suppliers of folding displays, and other components required for smartphones a new type. Each listed the manufacturer believes foldable smartphones by select users of the future.

Apple in no event it is impossible to ignore this trend, as if the company is not accustomed to doing things his own way, experts say. For foldable smartphones, especially when their price will be reduced to acceptable may be the future. And if Apple will not own consumer solutions, the company can remain forever in catch-up.

It is possible that Apple indeed has plans to launch foldable iPhone. Over the past few months Apple received about a dozen new patents describing the construction and features a folding smartphone. In this regard, it is likely that in the secret labs of Apple right now is the development and testing of a folding iPhone. However, waiting for such a smartphone will have at least two years.

Source: IB.


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