Apple has created a hit!

6.1-inch iPhone XR will be one of the most popular smartphones the Apple in history, Guggenheim Securities analyst Robert Cihra. According to experts, the share of the smartphone have more than 50% of all iPhone sales for several months. iPhone XR will attract buyers modern design, diverse colors of the buildings and reduced price compared to the flagship.

Cihra sure iPhone XR will actively sold worldwide since the first days of sales. Analysts predict that the iPhone XR of the total number of smartphones sold Apple 40% in November and December of 2018. In the future, the demand for the iPhone XR will decline and will come to its peak by March 2019. Then share iPhone XR will be equal to 50% of the total number of sold iPhone.

The same opinion is shared by many other well-known analysts, including eminent expert Ming-Chi Kuo. Every expert emphasizes that the most important role in the success of the iPhone will play XR price and availability of the smartphone in six different colors, including blue, red, yellow, and coral.

It is expected that Apple also predicted the success of iPhone XR. The company prepared for the big sales of the smartphone, releasing it into the record for the first batch quantity. Due to this, Apple will eliminate the deficit of the smartphone in the first weeks after the start of sales.

Currently, the iPhone XR available for pre-order. The official start of sales iPhone XR is scheduled for October 26.


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