Now they have changed their point of view.

Leading analysts from wall street updated its forecasts on iPhone sales in the second quarter of 2018. Experts unanimously changed their position, saying that Apple managed to sell over a quarter of the 42 million smartphones. At the beginning of the year, experts doubted Apple even openly predicted a disastrous quarter for the company.

Eminent analysts, including Gene Munster and David Ives, made its last forecasts before the financial report to Apple on July 31. Most experts agreed that Apple had sold 42 million iPhones. Growth compared to the same quarter last year was an impressive 37%.

Recently, analysts from wall street had no such confidence in Apple. In the spring, the company predicted a bad third quarter due to weak sales of the expensive iPhone X. However, the flagship Apple continued successfully sold around the world. Moreover, the United States, China and Japan, it has managed to retain the title of best selling smartphone, even beating a budget model.

Analysts believe that by the end of the year, the stock price of Apple exceeds $200. In this regard, securities of the company now called great investment.

Note that much will depend on the success of the new smartphones: iPhone 9, iPhone 11 and 11 Plus iPhone. Especially from budget 6.1-inch iPhone 9, which should be one of the most popular smartphones in Apple’s history.



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